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Organic, Mineral Products From Chile

About Quemanta

Quemanta provides organic fertilizers of a high quality from Chile, designed for use in Chile as well as other countries. The company is dedicated to creating fertilizers and focuses on creating a high-quality alternative in Chile.

The emphasis of the company is on finding a way to improve providing plants with nutrients, and to make this process easier. The result should be stronger, healthier, and larger plants. The company also offers a cultivation program to help growers learn more efficient cultivation.

The Quemanta products rely on biominerals since they are able to quickly provide the necessary nutrients that let the seeds express their full genetic potential.

The Quemanta line includes an emphasis on humic and fulvic acids that can help eliminate impurities and heavy metals in minerals. Fertilizers in the Quemanta product lineup include biostimulants like Purple Mac. Silver PK improves flowering, Gold Sunshine improves energy, Green Grow helps with growth, and Blue Boom boosts flowering. Other products include Brown Sugar for energy and White Monster for flowering. You can also buy the products in packs that include several, making it easier for growers to give their plants the nutrients they need.



Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, Chile