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Real Growers

Real Growers

Improving Soil Quality

About Real Growers

The main product from Real Growers is Recharge, which is available in a range of sizes and helps you improve your soil. Real Growers describes Recharge as a SuperPack of Organic Living Soil. It harnesses the power of living soil bacteria as well as beneficial fungi to improve the nutrition available to the plants. Within just 48 hours, the company says you should start to notice an improvement in the plants’ vigor. In fact, the company offers a money-back guarantee if you do not notice stronger growth within this time frame.

Recharge from Real Growers features natural chelators that increase nutrient availability for the root system of the plant. This improves the overall growth rate. The product includes the strongest package of microbes you will find anywhere in addition to trichoderma fungi and mycorrhizae.

There are also various organic additions, such as amino acids, fulvic acid, humic acid, molasses, and kelp, all of which help ensure the living soil microbes remain healthy.

Real Growers Recharge is formulated to work well across the spectrum of pH levels, nutrient programs, and growing styles. It can work with either chemical or biological products, improving the efficiency of your fertilizer program. Using Recharge typically lets growers reduce the nutrient program by around 25 percent while still noticing an improvement in yield and quality.



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