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Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients

Inspired by a Passion for Growing

About Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients is the result of a team that has a passion for growing. Remo, known as Urban Remo, helped thousands of growers hone their skills to create world-class products. Remo himself has 34 awards around the world thanks to his expertise and experience. He used that expertise to create eight different products for Remo Nutrients, offering a full system for your plant. This system features extracts, vitamins, and minerals, helping plants reach their full growth potential.

The ingredients are always pharmaceutical-grade. The main products are Micro, Grow, and Bloom. All three of these work well in hydroponic, soil, or soilless gardens. They feature those previously mentioned pharmaceutical-grade minerals, the finest chelates, and marine extracts to deliver pH balance and consistency.

They also have a proprietary blend with micro and macronutrients that will maximize the benefits to your plants. AstroFlower complements those nutrients and features precisely blended fossilized organics that target bud development and help with producing aromatics and essential oils to boost potency.

Remo Roots has both NAA and IBA and is a powerful gel to seal cuts immediately, then saturate the cut area using various rooting compounds. VeloKelp has multiple seaweed extracts and vitamins and works across all growth stages. For the most benefit, be sure to use it during the early part of the plant’s development. Finally, Nature’s Candy promotes as well as supports the development of beneficial fungi and bacteria.



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