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Shogun Fertilisers

Shogun Fertilisers

Providing Fertilizers to Maximize Yield

About Shogun Fertilisers

Shogun Fertilizers prides itself on never cutting corners when creating fertilizers and nutrients for plants, allowing you to get maximum yield and performance. The company was created from the founders’ desire to make something special and new for hydroponics.

The products are the result of years of development, research, and commercial applications. The product line features a range of additives. Shogun Fertilizers also recently released Coo and Hydro nutrients. This range will be expanded in the future as more products complete the extensive testing that Shogun Fertilizers requires before releasing a product.

The company is proud of its various innovations, including AquaZen and SmartZen. The former is an additive in the company’s coco nutrients that slows water flow through the media, allowing for superior wetting, greater nutrient absorption, and less waste. The hydro nutrients include Samurai HydroGrow and HydroBloom. Or you can opt for Samurai Coco, Samurai Terra Grow and Terra Bloom, or Sumo Boost for a heavyweight biostimulant. Shogun Start is also a popular product, with its balanced macro and micronutrients and SmartZen. It is perfect for younger plants. Other products include Katana Roots to stimulate root growth and strength, Silicon, Calmag, PK Warrior 9/18, Geisha Foliar, and Dragon Force for a final flowering feed.



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