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Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds

Massive Power and Stability

About Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds began in Holland. The team created its diverse collection of cannabis seeds following years of experience and research. During this time, the team traveled the world and collected indigenous strains. The research team at Sumo Seeds is constantly in search of the cannabis strains that people will love, and as part of those efforts, they have collected many rare and delicate seeds.

Sumo Seeds strives to provide the best autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds, so they always check the health, effects, quality, and genetics of their seeds. The company has also earned numerous cups and honors, including multiple first places at the Highlife Cup Amsterdam 2015 for Sumo’s OG Kush and Appleberry.



Kleine Gracht 41, 6211 CA Maastricht, Netherlands