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Supernatural Brand

Supernatural Brand

Providing for the Medical Crop Production Industry

About Supernatural Brand

Supernatural Brand aims to give those in the commercial medical crop production industry a new way to enjoy high-performance products with groundbreaking growing techniques. The company began in 1997 and has since created a full line featuring high-quality products.

The products help growers improve quality, productivity, and purity. These products work together to create optimized growth for plants at every stage of their life cycles. All of the Supernatural Brands products are the result of extensive development and research. This helps the company combine techniques for liquid, solid, and foliar phase growth.

The company has a strong commitment to help growers create pure, medical-grade plants. This includes using pure virgin clean earth elements and dry water-soluble micronutrients and purified minerals without preservatives. All products contain the pure essential nutrients along with trace elements.

The products include nutrients, soils, and the Turbo Grow system. Nutrients can be either powdered or liquid depending on your preference. There are nutrients to bulk up the plants, provide first aid, help with blooming, accelerate growth, provide power, boost flowering, and more. The Turbo Grow system claims to revolutionize growing via an electric air blower as opposed to the typical irrigation pump that feeds plants. This change removes the fluctuations in moisture content, so the root zone is always optimal.



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