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Helping With Terpene and Plant Oil Production

About Terpinator

Terpinator offers a single main product, also called Terpinator. This is a plant nutrient that includes naturally occurring compounds and potassium. The idea is that using this nutrient will increase the terpene concentration in the aromatic plant oils.

The company came up with Terpinator following years of trials conducted by professional cultivators. The goals were to increase taste potency. The team focused on the terpenes, as these are the building blocks for essential oils that are in most flowers and plants.

To create Terpinator, the team tested it in hydroponics, indoors, and outdoors. The first lot was launched in 2014, and since then, growers have continued to use it.

The team focuses on quality as well as consistency, ensuring all batches are made equally with the same level of care. You can buy Terpinator in a wide range of sizes, making it possible for growers on any scale to use the nutrients.



1800 Lombardi Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, USA