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The Yield Lab

The Yield Lab

Promoting Agricultural Innovations and Providing Accessories

About The Yield Lab

The Yield Lab began in 2014 as a way to help provide support and capital for agricultural technology companies in the early stages. The idea behind the company is to encourage agricultural innovation to help with the rising global population crisis. The company has multiple international accelerators and also sells a range of accessories. The company also has a non-profit institute, the Yield Lab Institute. This division provides ecosystem building and educational resources.

The Yield Lab Accessories were created with high-quality materials, offering streamlined solutions for growers. The Yield Lab Accessories was first known for its hydroponics equipment. Now, the lineup is more extensive, including items for a range of growers.

You can find a variable speed fan, plastic twist ties, soft mesh trellis netting, safety glasses for lab grow rooms, and bamboo pots. The fabric growing pots promote aeration and have convenient handles, and they are offered in a full range of sizes. There are also bubble extraction bags in a range of sizes, propagation trays in varying sizes, domes for the trays, glass concentrate extraction tubes, trimming shears, and 24-hour electric timers that are programmable.

Overall, Yield Lab Accessories has all of the basic tools that growers need to get started.



1100 Corporate Square Dr Suite 227, St. Louis, MO 63132, USA