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Top Crop

Top Crop

Focusing on High-quality Products and Professionalism

About Top Crop

Top Crop focuses on creating products that are of good quality and at an excellent price, combined with professionalism. In addition to nutrients, Top Crop provides substrates, including Heavy Mix, Complete Mix, and Top Coco.

The Complete Mix is for creating root development and aeration plus a great supply of nutrients and water. Heavy Mix is ideal for the entire cycle of auto-flowering plants as well as flowering ones. There are an impressive 11 different liquid fertilizers from Top Crop, starting off with Top Coco A and Top Coco B. Together, these provide the balance you need for your coconut organic substrates. The others include options like liquid NPK fertilizers, assistance with nutrient absorption and transportation, bloom stimulation, root fertilizers, plant growth stimulators, flowering boosters, and fertilizers for the flowering stage.

You opt for one of the five solid fertilizers, include Amino Perlas, Micro Vita, Nitroguano (made from 100 percent natural bat guano), Superguano, and Top Vulcan (made from finely ground volcanic rock powder). Or, you can also go for convenient packs to try out the various products or get the specific ones you need in a single purchase.