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About Top Tao Seeds

Top Tao Seeds has been in business since 1998, giving it more than two decades of expertise in breeding cannabis strains. The company uses the experience and traditions of underground growers. Since its inception, the company has cooperated with Ruderalis, mostly getting the cannabis genetics it uses from sailors from Hamburg and Amsterdam. There are also sativas from the University of Agriculture’s African students, and some brought from India, Near East, and the Swiss Alps.

The team at Top Tao Seeds loves breeding, which fuels the expansion of its offerings and breeding program. It produces regular seeds of varieties that are auto-flowering, which help to reduce the maturing time. All final selections of plants are completed in extreme conditions to ensure quality and hardiness. There is no use of pesticides or fertilizers, and the selection process occurs in the fields. The goal of this method is to get stress-resistant seeds ideal for outdoor breeding and with 99% germination capacity.

Top Tao Seeds feels that using regular seeds is the way to go, letting you connect with the past of cannabis. The brand is certainly successful, as it has earned honors at the Cannabis Cup in the past. The company is also famous for developing two of the world’s top automatic regular cannabis strains, Big Auto Tao and Demon Auto Tao.