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Tropical Seeds

Tropical Seeds

Your Source for Tropical Seeds

About Tropical Seeds

Tropical Seeds Company is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the diversity of cannabis genetics. They produce their seeds organically, in small batches grown in carefully controlled conditions. Each lot is carefully labeled and coded for easy identification. The ultimate goal of Tropical Seeds Company is to provide the best effects, flavors, and aromas in every project they undertake, starting with pure landrace genetics.

Founded in 2008, the company was born out of a passion for local sativa strains and a desire to collect, breed, and understand these unique genetics. After thorough research, the company chose to establish facilities on the beautiful Canary Islands, where the growing conditions are ideal for their strains. In their large greenhouses, they have carefully selected the finest genetics from top sources around the world.

Tropical Seeds Company is proud to be at the forefront of the effort to preserve the rich diversity of cannabis strains. Explore their offerings and discover the unique effects, flavors, and aromas of carefully cultivated strains.



Oostkanaalweg 5C, 2445 BA Aarlanderveen, Netherlands