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Tropical Seeds Company has the goal of maintaining and preserving the diversity of cannabis, especially given the loss of local genetics around the world.

The company produces its seeds organically, doing so in small batches grown in carefully-controlled conditions. Tropical Seeds Company carefully labels each lot and uses unique codes to make them easy to identify. The company always strives to provide the best effects, flavors, and aromas. Its projects all being with pure landrace genetics.

Tropical Seeds Company arrived in 2008 after intense work. The founders decided to opt for pure local strains, with a focus on sativas. The company’s goal from the start was to collect, breed, and understand the strains, keeping them alive and making them available.

After extensive consideration, the company chose to set up facilities on the Canary Islands due to the growing environments. They set up large greenhouses and a selection of genetics from top sources.


Oostkanaalweg 5C, 2445 BA Aarlanderveen, Netherlands
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