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URB Natural

URB Natural

Boosting Plant Size, Color, Sheen, and More

About URB Natural

URB Natural claims to provide noticeable improvements to the brix levels, sheen, color, roots, and size of the plants you grow with this solution. It can also provide resistance against disease thanks to its ability to improve the vigor and health of plants. It is safe to use on your plants and simple to apply.

The mixing rates are printed right on the bottle and you can mix it with either water or your choice of nutrients. For versatility, you can apply URB Natural to the foliar or soil or right into the hydroponics system.

With URB Natural, you can reduce your dependence and need for other products. The key ingredients in URB Natural were proven to work in 40 countries and 80 universities. The product is made in precise lab conditions and is a high-quality humate carrier designed for microbes, which will then work together synergistically.

While URB Natural can work on a range of plants, it was specifically formulated for use on cannabis. Regardless of the plant you use the product with, however, you should expect results.