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Passion and Products for Nature

About Valagro

Valagro is a leader in the world of marketing and producing biostimulants and fertilizers. The company has 12 subsidiaries spread throughout the world and a total of six active production sites. The company began with a strive for innovation along with ethics and a respect for nature.

Today, Valagro offers products for farms and agriculture as well as industrials for international and local industries. The products from Valagro were created to improve the quantity and quality of the crops. Crops grown using the products will have improved vigor, better roots, more productivity, be tastier, and be better able to thrive in all growing conditions.

The plant biostimulants offer all-natural active ingredients that stimulate the plants’ main physiological processes. The micronutrients allow for quick nutrient absorption while maintaining a low environmental impact. There are also water-soluble nutritional products with mineral formulas that have high levels of raw minerals and no phytotoxic impurities. There are specific lines for foliar application and fertigation. Overall, the product lineup from Valagro covers all growing methods, appealing to a range of growers.



Via Cagliari, 1, 66041 Zona Industriale CH, Italy
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