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Boosting Growth Naturally via Veganic Nutrients

About Vegamatrix

With Vegamatrix, your plants will be cleaner, with tests showing they have undetectable heavy metal levels. This leads to a full smooth flavor as well as taste and extremely low residuals.

Vegamatrix also improves the plants’ metabolism to help them grow larger. This is achieved via non-GMO plant extracts combined with naturally occurring amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. The line of products is Veganic without animal byproducts and with only non-GMO plant extracts. It is compliant with all regulations, exceeding many, and is proven not to have almost no heavy metals.

Vegamatrix is designed to be simple to apply, featuring fewer components. This reduces the chances of error so you can enjoy results in less time. Vegamatrix Grow creates explosive growth with its NPK formula. Vegamatrix Bloom leads to dense foliage thanks to improved oil production for guaranteed maximum yields. Vegamatrix Boost is a Cal-Mag boost with a unique blend to supercharge the uptake of NPK.

Other products include Vegamatrix FTB to manage pests, Prime Zyme for explosive growth via carefully formulated enzymes, Amp-It with 21 essential amino acids, Big-N-Sticky for rapid uptake of potassium and phosphorus, and Hard-n-Quick for foliar assistance via North American cold-water kelp. The company also offers a Kyle Kushman Microbial Line. This line features pHyre and hypHa.



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