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Providing Stimulators and Nutrients

About Vertafort

Vertafort offers organic nutrients in the form of solid fertilizers. You mix the fertilizers from Vertafort into the substrate as a way to deliver full nutrition for your plants.

Both Bloom and Growth Tablets and Vertafort Organic Nutrition dilute when you put them in the water you use for irrigation. This way, they are able to stimulate flowering and growth.

The range of products is high-quality and is designed to appeal to growers who want to keep things simple but achieve results. There are mixes of booster tablets, growth tablets, and bloom tablets. Each is ideal for a specific stage of the growing cycle, so Vertafort can promote growth and improved plant health throughout your plants’ entire life cycle.

In addition to the tablets, there is the main product that you mix with the soil. One dose should give your plants enough food to last 10 to 12 weeks and you do not need large quantities of Vertafort for each plant, helping growers keep costs low.