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Providing Nutrients for Hydroponics

About VitaLink

VitaLink is an industry veteran company, providing products for hydroponics growers for over 20 years. The products are made in Coventry, England, using extremely high-quality ingredients. These ingredients remain stable in the solution, providing numerous benefits for crops. All products undergo a strict quality checking and registration process, so each product is fully regulated.

The VitaLink lineup includes products for every type of growing you may engage in, including soil, coco, and hydro. The nutrients are the result of extensive research and testing. They have been scientifically proven to improve plant yield, health, and growth in all media. The additives are highly effective nutrient additives and growth enhancers, helping to boost the growth and health of your plants.

You can also buy growing media from VitaLink, including clay coir mix, perlite, vermiculite, 100 percent coir, professional enriched soil, and clay pebbles. Finally, the VitaLink lineup includes other essentials such as tools to check the EC and pH levels of nutrient tanks to avoid fluctuations.



2 Progress Way, Coventry CV3, UK
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