Leafist Timeline
  • January 2016
  • Leafist launches as an email list.
  • November 2017
  • Leafist 1.0 launches with original content offering strain information and articles.
  • July 2019
  • Leafist 2.0 is rebuilt and launched with many more features.
Who built Leafist?

A one-person team built Leafist in 2016. I'm Parker Ruhstaller and was born and raised in California.

Why did you build Leafist?

I built Leafist after wanting to exercise my medical marijuana cardholder rights by purchasing a few clones from Harbor Side Health and CBCB (Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley) around 2014.

My initial grow setup was absolute garbage. It consisted of various PVC pipe that I assembled in my one-bedroom Oakland apartment. But, it worked! I did, however, run into a plethora of issues including: fungus gnats, nutrient deficiencies, nutrient overload, etc. Despite all these problems, I realized that growing cannabis (or any plant, really) is not only therapeutic, but has an outcome that can be determined by how well you care for your plants -- which is challenging, but very rewarding.

While cannabis is quite literally just a "weed", I found that in order to grow decent flowers, there are all sorts of techniques to learn and didn't necessarily know of a place to get information quickly. The resources I did find, were catered less to growing and more to the consumption of cannabis.

The goal of Leafist is to be a resource, community, and marketplace for cannabis growers.

Why should I sign up?
Registered users can leave reviews, create a profile, get notified when new content is posted, and more.
How can I contact Leafist?
You can either use our general contact form, or send an email to hello@leafist.com.
How can I review a strain?
Either by searching or browsing the cannabis strains page, go to the specific strain page and click on the "Review" button or scroll down and look for the emojis and click on one of them.
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