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Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiatives 2016

Medical marijuana is already helping millions of Americans treat serious medical conditions. Four states definitely have initiatives on November’s ballot, one is still up for debate and another three have been completely shut down. Here is a breakdown of what is going on with medical marijuana around the U.S. and where residents will be voting this November.


Two medical marijuana initiatives are battling it out in Arkansas. The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act was approved for the ballot in July. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment was approved for ballots in August.

    • Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act – One dispensary per 20 pharmacies. Physician recommendations required. Hardship cultivation certificates can be issued to those 20 or more miles from a licensed dispensary.

    • Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment – Eight grows for up to 40 dispensaries. No home growing permitted.


Amendment 2 in Florida would legalize medical marijuana for qualifying patients. Minors would be permitted into the program with parent consent. The measure requires passage by at least 60-percent to become law. Florida’s program would approve medical marijuana oils with high CBD percentages to be used.

North Dakota

Initiated Statute Measure No. 5 in North Dakota, also known as the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act will be on November ballots. Qualifying patients would be permitted to possess up to 3-ounces of marijuana. Those residing more than 40 miles from a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary would be permitted to grow up to eight plants in a secure area in their homes.


Ballot Issue 24 (I-182) passed by voter approval in 2004, but has been stalled in prolonged court battles. Montana’s severely limited medical marijuana program has been unsuccessful as physicians are only permitted three patients each. A new initiative would lift physician patient limits and would add additional conditions such as chronic pain and PTSD.

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Oklahoma is a Maybe

State Question 788 in Oklahoma would legalize medical marijuana. No qualifying conditions would be listed. A state-certified physician would require special licensing to approve patients to use medical marijuana. The election is just 5 weeks away, but this measure is still held up in the court system. The measure, before a challenged ballot title name, did submit enough signatures. Challenges also surround the signatures, as some say they were not submitted in enough time. A special election may be requested if courts approve the measure for voting.

Initiatives off the Table

In three states, medical marijuana won’t be on 2016 ballots. In Missouri, Michigan and Montana medical marijuana is off the table. In Montana, one initiative is completely off the table, which is I-176, which would repeal medical marijuana laws. In Missouri, enough signatures were not verified for the measure to be on the ballot. In Michigan, the Michigan Supreme Court and State Appeals Court decided that not enough valid signatures were submitted.


Your Vote Counts

Even if you don’t qualify to use medical marijuana, it is important to vote based upon the relevant study information that proves that relief is possible for dozens of conditions with medical marijuana. You probably know someone or have a friend/family member who could benefit from this alternative medicine. Here at Leafist, we’ll update you if more states approve medical marijuana for November ballot voting.

Do you support medical marijuana as an alternative treatment options for those that are seriously ill or have debilitating pain conditions?

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