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Big Beer Isn’t Happy about More States Potentially Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Major beer companies aren’t real happy about five more states potentially legalizing recreational marijuana in November. Beer Distributors PAC in Massachusetts donated $25,000 to Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts. Arizona Wine and Spirits Wholesale Association donated $10,000 to an Arizona-based anti-marijuana legalization group.


What’s the problem?

The issue that big beer has with the marijuana industry is quite simple, big beer is afraid that legal marijuana will significantly impact alcohol sales. Sam Adams parent company Intercept has filed a motion with the SEC that warns investors about recreational marijuana sales negatively impacting the demand for beer.

The fact of the matter is, beer sales are likely to be impacted in such a way that it would cause significant decreases in sales. Big beer is jumping the gun a bit.

Have Big Beer and Big Alcohol forgotten that some microbreweries are infusing beer with marijuana?


Science Weighs In

Scientific studies have already proven that marijuana users are more likely not to mix marijuana and alcohol. Polls and surveys have shown that marijuana users tend to pick one or the other, not both. Those polls also show that more marijuana users are likely to not use alcohol at all.

Science has also shown that marijuana is less addictive. It’s proves to be less fatal and is less likely to cause auto accidents than alcohol is. Some believe that fatal accidents may reduce.

What will be tricky is determining a proper standardized marijuana intoxication level. Every person reacts to THC differently. For instance, three or four nice hits of a potent strain may put your head in the clouds, but your buddy might feel hardly anything.

Studies have already been conducted, with video proof, that those who consume small amounts of marijuana, such as half a gram or less, can still safely operate a motor vehicle. Impairment wasn’t really noticed until about a gram was consumed. The impairment was noticeable, but was not half as bad as a driver intoxicated from alcohol consumption was.


Facts from the Colorado Alcohol Market

Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012. It has reported that there is not much change to alcohol sales since. Their records show that Coloradans are drinking almost as much now as they did before recreational marijuana legalization. From this, big beer and big alcohol just need to relax a bit. Their sales won’t be impacted much, if at all.


Closing Thoughts

Public safety and public health remain major concerns for state and federal governments when it comes to recreational marijuana. The fact of the matter is, it’s safer than both alcohol and prescription painkillers. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use can help reduce the number of alcohol and prescription drug-related deaths. It may also help reduce the heroin and opioid epidemic in the U.S. significantly.

The human body comes with an endocannabinoid system, which can lack endocannabinoids. The human body is already designed to react to and recognize THC and CBD, it doesn’t come “pre-wired” to handle and recognize alcohol. Big beer is freaking out just a little too soon – it isn’t November yet.

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