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The Differences between Growing Marijuana from Seeds and Clones

Do you know which process of growing marijuana is right for you? If you’re legally able to grow your own, it’s important to determine whether you want to grow from seed or from a clone. If you have a favorite strain, you may want to grow your own mother plant to create your own clones from – which can also lead to you developing your perfect strain right in your own home.


Starting from Seeds

Once you find a strain or strains that you are really interested in, you need to start germinating the seeds. During this process, you’ll keep the seeds in warm water for up to 72 hours. This allows them to sprout roots to begin the base of the growing process. 

After germination, you’ll put the seeds in high-quality soil that is aerated, fortified with natural vitamins and includes peat moss to keep in the moisture. Your plants will need to be transferred to larger growing pots as they mature.

Once the flowering process starts, it is vital to remove the male plants so that female plants aren’t pollinated. Pollinated female plants will grow more seeds instead of usable buds.

Depending on the strain and method of growth (indoor/outdoor/total hydroponic system), growing from seeds can take up to 4 months from seed to harvest.


Starting from Clones

If you are an inexperienced marijuana grower, starting from a good clone may be the right option for you. Once you get to learn the process, you may be able to start producing your own clones. You should maintain at least a single mother plant to produce more clones from. The mother plant allows you to take clippings of it to produce new clones for planting and growing.

It is important to ask the master grower who you purchase your clones from what they are “feeding” their plants and what temperature they grow at, because maintaining consistency is vital for growing strong plants that produce high-quality marijuana. You should ask the age of the clone and what the soil base is. Mimic at home what your master grower has started to ensure that you have a strong, healthy plant that will yield larger crops.

Note: A mother plant with strong genetics that don’t fade over time is ideal. Some strains lose their genetics over time and through the re-cloning process..


Making a Mother Plant

Start with a healthy, stable mother plant. Pick a shoot that is healthy and strong to start with – a plant that is at least 4 weeks old with at least 6 separate nodes is ideal. Take the time to sex your clipping. Now, to prevent premature flowering, make sure your clipping has 18 to 20 hours of light daily. What this does is stops your plant from flowering to keep it as a master mother plant, for nearly endless amounts of clones for continual growing.

When growing marijuana from clones, it is important to take your clippings during the vegetative state of the plant. If you take clippings while the mother plant is flowering, it forces the plant to revert back to the vegetative state, which slows down growth as a whole. Confusing a marijuana plant during growth is never a good thing.

You’ll notice that the processes are a bit different when starting from seed and starting from clones. Soon, I’ll go into a more detailed process for starting from seed, starting from clones, and starting your master mother plant. Starting from seed takes longer and clones were probably started by someone else to help save you time. Knowing which method works best for your needs and personal setup is ideal.

Stay tuned to Leafist for detailed growing guides – coming soon!

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