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Exploring Dabbing – Is it an Option for you?

As a traditionalist, I prefer dry marijuana flower. But, as a medical marijuana patient, I’ve opened my eyes to trying a few different forms of medical marijuana to see what is going to be best for me. I’ve tried dabbing, and it does work well but it is harsh and should be started very slowly.

Dabbing is using marijuana concentrates that are pure THC, meaning they are far more potent and a little harsh going down. Take it easy until you get used to it. It isn’t something I do daily, or even every week, just when I need strong relief for a longer period of time.


Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates are made into several forms like shatter, B.H.O., crumble, “budder”, and live resin. Making the concentrates requires the extraction of only the THC from the plant. Some concentrates are over 90-percent pure THC. Some have little or no flavor to them.


Dabbing Apparatus and Accessories

So, if you’d like to try dabbing, you’re going to need a “rig”. This requires a special bong with a place for a “nail”. The nail is a piece of glass with a rounded head with a divot in the middle. You’ll also need a torch, a dome and metal dabber. The globe helps keep the flash vaporized concentrate contained for inhalation. The metal dabber will help you get the concentrate from its container to the nail. The torch heats the nail.


Taking your First Dab

Once you get all of the necessary supplies, you’ll probably be confused as to how to use everything. First, you’ll want to put a little bit of water into the bong, but not much. Make sure it does not go into the stem that extends upwards to the nail. Put the pin in it’s place. Get your concentrate ready and put a very small amount on the end of your dabber. For first timers, you’ll want to start off with an amount that is about the size of 2 pen tips (only a suggestion though).

Next, remove the dome from around the nail. Then, take your torch and heat the nail’s head until it glows red. Then, put the dome back on, pick up the bong and put the dabber to the nail. Inhale slowly with a steady pull.

If you can’t take the whole hit, cover the dome with your hand, but be careful – the dome itself gets hot from residual heat too.

Hold your inhale as long as you can and slowly exhale. Expect to cough your head off until you’ve built up a tolerance. You’ll likely cough hard and may see stars, but no worries, get something to drink and keep your throat wet. It helps combat the dryness the vapor causes.


The Effects

The high that you get from concentrates is much different than the high from dry flower. You’re inhaling pure THC vapor, you can also use CBD concentrates too, but experience a different type of effect. It is a bit difficult to explain, you feel “high” but not inundated with confusion or sleepiness. The high typically lasts at least an hour, depending on the potency of your concentrate and the size dab you choose to do. Some concentrates provide relief for 2 hours.


My Closing Tips

From experience, I can tell you that dabbing alone your first time isn’t the best idea. It is a good idea to make some friends in the medical marijuana (or recreational where it’s legal) community and watch how they dab. You’ll get an idea of what to expect. Try it a couple of times, and if it isn’t for you, no worries, there’s still plenty other options for consuming marijuana that will work for you.

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