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Best Marijuana Strains for Seizure Disorders

Medical marijuana has proven to be an alternative treatment option for those suffering from seizure disorders. It has proven to be beneficial for adolescents as well as adults. High CBD, or non-psychoactive, strains are the most popular options – especially for adolescents. These five strains are ideal for treating seizure disorders.


Grape Kush

Grape Kush is ideal for seizure disorders as it typically contains more than 2-percent CBD. It is an indica, so evening use is best. It is popular for its medicinal properties as well as its sweet, candy-like aroma.

For those with epilepsy, this strain can help reduce seizure frequency and severity. It also helps with improving your mood, combatting depression and anxiety. It is a high relaxation strain.


Key Lime Pie


Key Lime Pie really tastes like the dessert. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It has a citrusy flavor with hints of mint and spices. It has dozens of positive reviews proving to show improvement with seizure disorder symptoms.

Key Lime Pie is also ideal for those with chronic pain. The benefit is that it is not a heavy hitter, meaning that you won’t feel overwhelmed or “out of it” after using it. It is a good afternoon or evening strain.


Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is perhaps, the most popular strain for seizure disorder relief. It is a CBD strain that is widely used for adolescents suffering from seizure disorders due to minimal psychoactive effects after use. It is a sativa strain that was developed by the Stanley Brothers brand in Colorado specifically for an adolescent patient with epilepsy.

This strain has web-like trichomes that represent a spider web. The sativa strain is ideal for use anytime, day or night.

Heads up! Some patients have reported headaches after using Charlotte’s Web. Try the 3-hit test before fully indulging to see how your body will respond to the strain. Take 3 hits and wait 10 – 15 minutes before medicating further.



ACDC has a high CBD to THC ratio. It is helpful with treating seizure disorders but is also used by medical marijuana patients with nausea-related conditions. It does help with general pain and anxiety as well.

Typically, ACDC averages 19-percent CBD, when properly cultivated. It can be a bit harsh, so it is suggested that your “hits” be a little smaller until you are used to the strain.

Author’s Note: ACDC is a great strain for migraines. When available at a local dispensary, it is my strain of choice when my migraines are stronger than normal. This was a bit of a “creeper” strain for me, meaning that the effects crept up on me starting about 15-minutes after consumption.



 TJ’s CBD is a rate strain that is found mainly in Washington State where it was developed by TJ’s Organic Garden. It has a skunky aroma but does not taste pungent. It is mellow and subtle tasting. You will feel relaxed physically but your mind will still be sharp.

TJ’s CBD won the 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup award for High CBD Flower.


Before We Go

Beyond these strains, there are dozens, if not hundreds of high CBD strains that will help reduce seizure disorder symptoms. It is always best to research the strain first, to make sure that it will benefit your condition, as not all CBD strains will provide relief. Speak with your dispensary agents to help determine what CBD strain is ideal for your specific symptoms.

Feel free to search through our strains section here on Leafist to explore other options for seizure disorder relief.

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