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How to Enjoy Marijuana Edibles – Managing Dosages

Edibles are a way of using marijuana that has brought about a lot of controversy. The biggest part of it all is that most people just don’t know how to enjoy them properly and we at Leafist want to make sure you have good edibles experiences. You can have a great, long-lasting high that you can enjoy if you go about using edibles the right way. So, after a bit of trial and error on my part, and a bit of research, I’m going to help you approach edibles the right way so that you don’t have a horrible first experience.


What Not to Do

First and foremost – don’t eat the whole thing! Unless edibles are marked as “individual serving” or is a bag of loose candy, as an example, with a serving suggestion, don’t just chow the whole edible down. Edibles are created with the intention of being multiple doses.

Don’t take a few hits of dry flower or vaporize more than about 10 minutes after having some of your edible. Some marijuana strains produce prolonged effects, which means that your “smoked high” may coincide with your “ingested high”, which produces bad experiences in most occasions.


No Immediate Effects

No immediate effects of marijuana edibles

The biggest mistake of first timers using edibles is forgetting that your body has to digest the product before you’ll start to feel any type of effect. Digestion typically takes 45 to 60 minutes, so be patient. What a lot of people do is not remember what time they ate a piece of the edible, then determine they’ve waited too long and don’t feel anything – then they smoke or eat more of the edible. This is bad news -- you’ll end up being overmedicated.

Overmedicating can lead to paranoia, anxiety, severe nausea/vomiting and extreme confusion. It can also put you into a catatonic state – which is no fun at all.


Take a Test Taste

Take a taste test before eating a marijuana edible

Every edible that is not packaged in individual doses or with serving suggestions is meant to be multiple uses. An average dose is 10mg to 20mg. So, if you purchase a 50mg brownie, you’ll want to try a piece that is 1/5 of the brownie and wait an hour. If you have never used marijuana or are unaware of your personal tolerance, this is the best approach to prevent having a negative experience.


Determining a Proper Dosage

As I mentioned before, an average dose is 10mg to 20mg of THC, which is the equivalent of 3 - 5 hits from a joint, pipe or bong. The effects will hit you a little hard at first, once your body has digested the edible, but even out. Until you’ve developed a tolerance and understand the effects of the strain in the edible (when mentioned, research the strain or ask your budtender for information on its genetics and expected effects), don’t go “gung ho” with half a brownie or whole bottle of medicated juice.

Heads up! Most edibles in candy bar form are scored into suggested servings.

If after a 10mg dose and an hour wait, if you do not feel that it was enough for the relief that you require, the next time you choose to eat another piece, consider doubling it to 20mg, which is a common dose. This dose should provide you about 3 hours of relief, sometimes more if you have a slower metabolism.


Tips to Remember Before Eating Medicated Edibles

You will have extended relief once your medicine kicks in. With a 20mg dose, you’re likely to feel relief for 2 to 4 hours on average. Larger doses provide relief for a longer period of time, with some lasting as long as 8 hours. It is important to experiment with small doses first – micro-dosing is the way to go. This way, you’ll learn the dose that’s right for you without being overwhelming.

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