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Your Pets Can Benefit from Medical Marijuana

Just like us, our pets are also “pre-wired” with an endocannabinoid system. This means that our bodies, and theirs, naturally react to marijuana in a positive way. Now, THC is not good for your pets but cannabidiol (CBD) is. I’ll go more in-depth about that a little later, but vets across the country, including veterinary herbalist and author Robert J. Silver, agree that medical marijuana can help your pet with chronic debilitating health conditions. 

Facts about Medical Marijuana for Pets

The marijuana plant has over 400 natural compounds within it including 64 phytocannabinoids that are plant-based. When medical marijuana is ingested by your pets, it activates receptors in the body, specifically within the central nervous and immune systems, to reduce symptoms. Depending on what the compounds attach to determines which area of the body will feel the effects.

Silver said, “Receptors are like locks, and cannabinoids are like keys. They fit together perfectly. Once the cannabinoid connects to the receptor and ‘turns that lock,’ a series of actions in the cell membrane occur; these actions are responsible for some of the cannabinoid’s effects.” 

How Medical Marijuana Can Help your Pet

Your dog and cat can respond favorably to medical marijuana, specifically CB1 and CB2. In dogs, CB1 receptors are in the front of the brain, hair follicles and salivary glands. The CB2 receptors are found in the skin, immune system, liver, kidneys and peripheral nervous system. So what can CBD do for your dog or cat? Well, in aging pets, arthritis is common. Your pet experiences the same joint pain and inflammation that you would; CBD helps reduce inflammation, which aids in reducing pain.

Pets can experience anxiety and seizure disorders too. CBD products are known to assist in seizure reduction and relief from anxiety symptoms. It can also help your pet ward off some cancers and definitely helps with those that have digestive issues.

Dogs and cats have both proven to positively respond to medical marijuana, even pet skunks, pigs, horses and other domesticated wild animals. Those that have given medical marijuana to their pets have noticed positive changes in behavior such as increased activity, less hiding and the ability to be more social comfortably. 

Where to Get CBD Products for your Pet

It isn’t our duty at Leafist to just bring you information, but in cases like this, helping you find the product is also important. Like some pet owners, you could very easily obtain a medical marijuana card in your home state to purchase items yourself, but there are already companies making marijuana products strictly for pets.

If you choose to obtain a medical marijuana card yourself, I personally suggest getting CBD oil and adding it to your pet’s food. You can also grind dry CBD flower and mix it in their food, but you have to heat the flower to at least 200 degrees to activate the CBD properties first or your pet won’t feel any effects.

You can always order CBD products for your pets from Treatibles or Canna Companion USA. Both of these companies have multiple options for treating your pet with medical marijuana infused products. Treats, supplements and other products will help your pet deal with troublesome health conditions.

Closing Thoughts

You probably never would have thought that you could give your pet medical marijuana and it would be okay for them, right? Talk to your vet, he or she will be able to steer you in the right direction, especially when it comes to dosage and frequency of doses. In most cases, a single dose of a CBD product daily does the trick. As your pet ages, it can affect their brains – just like Alzheimer’s in humans. CBD products can help their brains stay healthy, scrubbing away dead cells that are hindering the brain’s function. Just remember, CBD products only, no THC for your pets.

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