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9 States Have Voted on Marijuana Measures – Here’s What Happened

Unprecedented things are happening in the marijuana industry. Nine U.S. states voted Tuesday on recreational or medical marijuana measures. Of those, eight have passed. With the approval of medical marijuana in Ohio on September 8, that makes 9 states approving some form of marijuana in 2016. In more than 50-percent of the country, marijuana is now legal in some form.

Here’s what happened in Tuesday’s elections.

Arizona Proposition 205 –  Arizona voters failed to pass Prop 205 by a margin of 52-percent opposed to 48-percent supporting legal recreational marijuana. Some 350,000 votes have not been counted yet. 

California Proposition 64 –  Congratulations are in order to California for passing Prop 64 with 55-percent voter approval. The passage of recreational marijuana in California could be a turning point for prohibition, aiding it in ending sooner rather than later. Adults ages 21 and older will be permitted to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana for personal use. Marijuana possession will no longer result in arrests and court dates, unless they break the regulations set forth by the state.

Nevada Question 2 –  Congratulations Nevada, you’ve approved recreational marijuana by 54-percent! Adults ages 21 and older will be able to possess up to 1-ounce of usable marijuana and up to 1/8-ounce of marijuana concentrate. Now, if you’re 25 miles or more from an approved store can grow their own at home.

Nevada will also grant special business permits for restricted outdoor consumption areas.

Maine Question 1 –  Question 1 narrowly passed in Maine. Voters approve legal recreational marijuana use for adults ages 21 and older. Once regulations are set in black and white, and systems are up and running, the recreational marijuana industry will be in full swing. Congratulations Maine!

Massachusetts Question 4 –  Congratulations Massachusetts! Voters passed Question 4, legalizing recreational marijuana by 53-percent. It is important for you to know that your boss doesn’t have to take marijuana off of its drug testing policies and you still can’t drive while under the influence of marijuana. A strictly regulated program will be put in place and will be regulated by a separate commission.

Marijuana cannot be used in public. Adults ages 21 and older will be permitted to grow marijuana at home for personal use in limited quantities. Possession of marijuana and marijuana-infused products will also be limited.

Arkansas Issue 6 –  By a vote of 53-percent in favor of Issue 6, medical marijuana becomes a reality. The state will form a Medical Marijuana Commission to oversee the program. Patients with one or more of the approved 17 qualifying conditions will have access to medical marijuana in the near future.

Florida Amendment 2 –  Florida voters passed Amendment 2 by a an overwhelming majority. The vote was called with 71-percent in favor of medical marijuana and only 29-percent in opposition. Licensed physicians will soon be able to prescribe/recommend medical marijuana for patients with qualifying debilitating health conditions like MS, Crohn’s, AIDS/HIV and PTSD.

North Dakota Measure 5 –  Voters in North Dakota have passed Measure 5 by a margin of 64-percent yes to 36-percent no. Once the North Dakota Department of Health has the regulations in place, licensing processes will begin to start cultivation and dispensary development.

Montana Initiative 182 – Initiative 182 has passed by 57-percent, removing the 3-patient limit for prescribing doctors in Montana. Physicians will now be permitted to prescribe medical marijuana for up to 25 patients each for conditions like chronic pain and PTSD.

Closing Thoughts

These election results clearly show that America is more tolerant and accepting of marijuana, for either recreational or medical. The only state right now that actually stands to lose this election cycle is Arizona, where advertisements with untrue statements from some Colorado entities tainted the minds of voters. As these programs begin to get setup and working, Leafist will bring you those updates. Congratulations to the 7 states that have legalized marijuana in either recreational or medical form.

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