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5 Crazy Marijuana Myths Debunked

Now that marijuana is legal in some form in another 8 states, it’s time to really debunk some of the craziest myths. Media and government publications over the decades has created mistruths about marijuana that have continued to be inflated with more untruths. Some of these myths you may really find shocking, but we at Leafist hope that you learn a new factoid or two from reading this.

  1. George Washington Grew Marijuana

There are rumors floating around that George Washington grew marijuana. This is absolutely not true. President Washington grew hemp, which is in the marijuana family but is completely different. Hemp does not get you high and its fibers and plant matter are used for industrial purposes.

In Washington’s time, the hemp industry was important for making paper, clothing and other usable textiles. He thought it would be a lucrative side-business, which turned out to be a bad business venture. Regardless, he grew hemp, not marijuana.

  1. Marijuana Kills Brain Cells

Again, not true. Marijuana does not kill brain cells. Studies have been released for more than a decade proving that only short-term memory is affected. Your long-term memory stays intact, but may be slowed down when under the influence (same thing happens when you drink alcohol).

Studies have also found that marijuana use can actually help scrub the brains of those with Alzheimer’s disease of dead cells, which hinder brain function.

  1. Marijuana is Addictive

The need for marijuana is not an addiction it is a dependence. There is a difference. When someone depends on marijuana, it is similar to those that depend on chocolate to comfort them or those that require fast cars (speed) for adrenaline. There aren’t any properties in marijuana that cause a physical addiction, there are no withdrawal symptoms. It’s proven that only 9-percent of heavy marijuana users become dependent.

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  1. You Can Overdose on Marijuana

Absolutely false! You cannot overdose on marijuana no matter how hard you try. You’d literally have to ingest 40,000 times more than a normal dose at one time. Some have compared this amount to an entire semi-truck load of marijuana, which is impossible to do. Besides, you really can only get so high. Once your brain is stimulated enough, it stops reacting to THC so, you really can only smoke so much and get so high.

  1. Raw Marijuana Gets You High

Raw marijuana has no effects. To activate the THC in marijuana, it must be heated to at least 200 degrees. So how do edibles work then? Easy, the marijuana (oil, flower, concentrate) is heated to at least 200 degrees in fat, which activates the THC. THC needs a high fat content vehicle to activate, which is why most edible recipes call for cannabutter or coconut oil.

We Hope you Learned Something New Today

We hope that you learned something about marijuana today. Some of the biggest misconceptions have been debunked here. Feel free to leave comments or questions below with myths you’ve heard and we’ll be sure to let you know if it’s true or false. One last fact before I go – Marijuana is safer for your lungs than cigarettes. Yes, marijuana does have some carcinogens in it, but they are far less harmful than those in cigarettes.

What did you learn today?

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