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What is the Difference between Marijuana Concentrate Types?

Marijuana concentrates are derived from extracting pure THC oil from the plant. These oils are mixed with other components to create one of five different types of concentrates. Marijuana oil is used for making edibles and vaping solutions as well as shatter, crumble, wax and budder. We’ll go through each type and fill you in on the basics of each.


Shatter is the hardest concentrate made from pure THC. It can be quite sticky and difficult to get out of the container onto your dabbing device. It does, however, last for a very long time. A little bit goes a long way and it stores well. The finished product resembles stained glass.

When storing shatter, try to keep it out of direct sunlight and in a tightly closed container. Wrapping it in parchment paper also helps, as it really will stick to everything it touches.


Marijuana oil is thick, kind of like olive oil. It is often mixed with either CO2 or butane and is packaged in a syringe. Some people use oil straight from a syringe as a tincture. It is best used for vape cartridges and edibles. This is strong, pure THC with some concentrations measuring over 90-percent.

Store marijuana oil in silicone or a syringe to keep it from hardening or evaporating.


Crumble is very dry, the driest of the concentrate family. When visiting a dispensary, prices for crumble are typically lower. It is just broken down more than wax/budder and shatters are. This makes it have a “crumbly” texture that allows you to pick it up with your fingers without it sticking to you.

Tip: When using crumble, roll it in your fingers to let your body heat warm the crumble to make it easier to work with. You’ll have a hard time trying to get crumble to stick to your dabber, so think about leaving a little bit of shatter or wax residue on the dabber to help hold onto the crumble.


Wax is very sticky. You should only use a dabber to handle wax, because it does make a mess. It is made from decarboxylated THC, reducing oil to a sap-like consistency. It is not hard like shatter, but is a little stiffer than budder. Wax is made from THC and CBD oils.


Budder gets its name from its consistency, which is similar to peanut butter. The average potency ranges from 80 to 90-percent. The sap made from oil is whipped to create the smooth consistency. It can give you a hard time on a dabbing tool since it is so soft, but chilling it a bit can help you get it on the tool a little easier. It definitely isn’t suggested to handle budder with your hands.

What’s interesting about budder is that if you let shatter sit long enough, it breaksdown to become budder.

Closing Thoughts

The most common use for solid concentrates is dabbing. Liquid concentrates are used for vaping, tinctures, topicals and edibles. Learning the lingo can be difficult when you’re new to the marijuana industry, but each of these products really is different. Each has its own texture. Concentrates are ideal for those that do not want to use dry marijuana flower or those that prefer a method of vaporizing THC.

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