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What Will the Future of Legal Marijuana be Under President Trump?

The future of marijuana legalization under President Trump has already started a big conversation around the country. The fact of the matter is, we just don’t know what his plans are, and some speculate that his administration just doesn’t have a plan in mind yet. Before speculations become even bigger rumors, it’s important to look at the situation as a whole.

Trump’s Stance on Marijuana

Donald Trump has openly stated that he supports medical marijuana but not recreational marijuana, telling Bill O'Reilly that he's, "in favor of medical marijuana 100%." However, at the same time, he supports the states’ rights to choose their own path with marijuana and has said he won’t interfere unless it becomes necessary. But, as with any change in presidency, changes in opinion can occur at any time.

The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump is a very intelligent businessman, and whether you support him as President or not, you cannot ignore the fact that he understands economic impact and business development. The marijuana industry has the potential to stabilize local governments. It has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country, and eight more U.S. states legalized marijuana for either recreational or medicinal use.

Mason Tvert of Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) said:

I would be incredibly surprised if they were to try to make this an issue.

Basically, Tvert who is a known marijuana industry expert is saying that we shouldn’t be worrying about what hasn’t been made an issue just yet. ‘Don’t put the cart before the horse’ so-to-speak.

Republican Dominated Congress

What Americans should be more worried about is a Republican dominated Congress with Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie at the helm. They are both adamantly against marijuana. The heavy Republican influence may hinder the end of prohibition, but even as President Obama said recently, prohibition isn’t tenable.

In regards to Giuliani and Christ Christie, executive director of NORML said:

Attorney General Christ Christie or Rudy Giuliani has the potential to be devastating to the marijuana legalization movement. [Especially] if they are allowed to have their personal predilections drive policy as opposed to taking their marching orders from President Trump.

Keep in mind that President elect Trump has not named his staff yet, so again, this is just speculation.

Is the Marijuana Industry in Trouble?

Coming from an unbiased opinion based upon the marijuana industry trends over the last several years, I honestly don’t think we have anything to worry about. Whether I support President Trump or not, again, he is an intelligent businessman that understands economies need thriving industries to sustain themselves. The marijuana industry has the potential to stimulate local economies, stabilize state governments and aid hundreds of local community programs.

I don’t think that he will go back on his word regarding the states’ rights to regulate marijuana as they see fit. He may not personally support legal marijuana, but again, he may not be “up-to-speed” in terms of marijuana education.

Closing Thoughts

Before we button this post up, it’s important to point out that the Republican-dominated Congress is all for pro-business values, and reversing any marijuana legalization efforts at state levels would affect businesses and tens of thousands of people employed in the marijuana industry. What really needs to happen is that the marijuana industry (and all businesses within it), needs to maintain compliance now, more than ever.

It will prove to President elect Trump that Americans can purchase and use marijuana responsibly and that the legitimately operating businesses are following the rules. With compliance in check, it’s likely that Trump will leave the states alone, but isn’t exactly likely to end prohibition on a federal level without being pushed to do so.

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