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The Newest Way to Use Marijuana – An Inhaler

Inhalers are common for treating asthma and respiratory ailments. Medical marijuana patients, and recreational users where it is legal to use, can enjoy using marijuana via inhaler. Vapen and PUFFiT are two manufacturers of the inhalers.

Benefits of Marijuana Inhalers

For those that aren’t fond of the taste of marijuana oils or smoking, but don’t want to carry a vape pen, the cannabis inhaler is the next best thing. You can carry the inhaler in your pocket and no one will know any different until you use it.

One of the benefits is that it looks identical to an asthma inhaler, so even if you are seen using it, no one is going to think anything of it.

Quick Acting

Using the marijuana inhaler is the same as using an asthma inhaler. You inhale two puffs, hold your breath as long as you can and slowly exhale. You’ll feel effects within just a few minutes – just as you would from smoking dry flower or using another vaporizing device.

The effects tend to last as long as other vaporizing methods as only high-quality strains are used to ensure effectiveness and practicality. One puff is a 10mg dose – the equivalent of two to three hits from a pipe or bong. Daytime and Nighttime inhalers are made. Sativas are for daytime use to help you stay focused and energized. Nighttime inhalers are made from indica strains to help you relax, curb pain and sleep well. Hybrid versions are also available.

Discreet Marijuana Use

As I mentioned above, you can use these cannabis inhalers virtually anywhere and no one is going to notice that they’re not an asthma inhaler at first glance. You can use these anywhere. No smoke or vapor is emitted when you exhale, so nothing at all is seen. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will smell your exhale either.


In many dispensaries, Vapen inhalers retail for $100 each on average. Cost varies by brand and location. Since the product really is brand new, there’s not much competition, so the price remains high. In comparison to asthma inhalers, marijuana inhalers are roughly double the cost.

Although the cost is double, you get a lot of use from one inhaler.

Where to Find Cannabis Inhalers

The availability of cannabis inhalers is absolutely dependent upon your local market. For example, Vapen inhalers are only available in Arizona at this time. PUFFiT is available in other markets. Competitors should be arising in 2017 to make availability of these inhalers a bit easier.

Final Words

The cannabis industry is evolving all the time. New products and methods of consuming cannabis for medical or recreational purposes is available in almost any form from topical muscle/pain relief to dabbing strong concentrates, and now, inhalers. This is a huge development for the industry as it gives medical and recreational cannabis consumers an additional, more discrete option. The good thing about Vapen’s packaging is that no marijuana leaf is present on it, so unless someone knows about the Vapen company, they just think you’re taking prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Would you use an inhaler to consume marijuana?

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