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The 10 Most Popular Marijuana Strains of 2016

What strains of marijuana are recreational and medical customers snagging up the most around the U.S.? We’ve done some research to find you the 10 most popular around the U.S. – not listed in any particular order. Some of these may be on your personal top 10 list, as several are on mine as well.

  1. Tangerine Power AKA Tangie Power

Tangerine power has a strong citrus flavor. Once you exhale, you really do have the taste of fresh tangerine in your mouth. It is a heavy sativa hybrid. The parents of this strain are Blue Power and Agent Orange. Tangerine power is good for daytime and evening use as you’ll feel relaxed but not lazy or couch-locked in any way.

  1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is often classified as a straight sativa, but is really a 55-percent or better sativa dominant hybrid. It is one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world and averages 18 to 23-percent THC. IT is a very earthy, piney tasting strain with a little spice in the background and is great for generating creativity and energy. Those with migraines, depression, stress/anxiety or pain would benefit from this strain.

  1. Sour Diesel

I’m glad to see Sour Diesel as one of the most popular marijuana strains, not only of 2016 but for many years. It’s my number one, go-to strain. The aroma is very pungent but the flavor is earthy but lemony at the same time. Sour diesel typically packs a THC percentage of 16-percent or more, with it being as high as just over 27-percent from some master growers. Sour diesel is great for daytime pain relief, anxiety relief, inducing hunger and relaxing your muscles to stop spasms.

  1. Green Crack

Snoop Dogg named green crack. There are sativa and indica dominant hybrid versions of this strain, as well as a straight sativa type. The sativa type promotes energy, focus and keeps you motivated while feeling uplifted. The indica dominant hybrid is great for insomniacs.

  1. White Widow

White widow comes from the hybrid combination of South Indian indica, white widow and South American sativa. I highly suggest the 3-hits and wait test on this strain because it is strong. Take 3 hits and wait 15 minutes to see how hard it hits you before partaking in more hits. Energy and happiness are the first feelings you’ll notice, followed by euphoria. Once it wears off, you’ll be ready for a nap or for bed.

This is a good strain for people with poor appetites, pain, depression or stress/anxiety.

  1. AK-47

AK-47 is combined to make new hybrid strains frequently with some common hybrids being cherry AK-47 and purple AK-47. The high is heavy hitting, but mellows out to leave you feeling relaxed and happy. You’ll still have your wits about you to enjoy being social. The genetics are known to be Afghani sativa, Colombian, Mexican and Thai.

  1. Headband

Sour diesel and OG Kush got together to make headband. When you’ve indulged and get relaxed, you’ll actually feel pressure across the top of your head as if you are actually wearing a headband. Typically, headband averages between 20 and 27-percent THC, so go slow with this one. A little too much can put you to bed. It is a great headache killer and depression lifter.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies

For nausea relief and increasing your appetite, Girl Scout cookies is the right choice. It is also ideal for daytime and evening pain relief. It is a potent strain that you don’t need much of to notice improvement or relief of symptoms. Girl Scout cookies is often crossed with other strains to develop new hybrids, such as animal cookies and blue sugar cookies.

  1. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla glue has several numbered batches and an original. The further you get down the list of numbers, the more you get away from the sativa properties of the strain. Gorilla glue #4 is one of the most popular versions as it is the most evenly balanced hybrid of the strain. If you lack energy, gorilla glue is your answer. It is a great motivator, but can generate such focus that you become couch-locked from interest in an activity, music, conversation or TV show.

Those with insomnia, pain and depression/stress/anxiety can benefit from gorilla glue.

  1. Blue Dream

Blue dream is a hybrid concoction of haze (sativa) and blueberry (indica). It is okay for daytime use, but may cause you to be too relaxed and slow your reactions some. It provides a calm and euphoric feeling that aids in remedying inflammation, pain and anxiety. For those with nausea, blue dream is a high THC strain that can help you keep your meals and medicine down. It is ideal for afternoon/evening use.

Closing Thoughts

If these strains aren’t available in your area regularly, ask to send a message to the dispensary or retail owner to request the strain. You may just see them on menus in a few months. It never hurts to ask for a specific strain to be grown, as the popularity of it could mean that you’ll find it available more often in your area.

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