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Great Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Lover in your Life this Holiday Season

Christmas is just 20 days away. Time to shop is running out. Here at Leafist, we thought it would be a novel idea to give you a few gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life. These gifts don’t require you to be a medical marijuana patient or recreational user. Check out the ideas we dug up, you might even find something for yourself.

PAX Portable Vaporizers

PAX is a leading manufacturer of portable vaporizers. They fit in your pocket and use dry flower. The dry flower is heated to an optimal temperature to provide vapor for inhalation. PAX has several options, ranging in price, but are affordable and durable.

All of PAX’s products are easy to use, clean and store.

Monthly Subscription Box Services

Just about everything has a subscription box service today, including cannabis. Some do offer actual cannabis flower but most do not so that anyone can subscribe. Cannabox is a popular option. Every month there is a new theme. There is no actual cannabis in the box, but it does contain some accessories, snacks and other fun cannabis-related products. Subscription boxes are fun to receive each month.

There are several monthly subscription services like PufferBox, 420 Goody Box, Potbox, Hemper and Deluxe Box. All vary in price, item availability and size. Some do offer multiple box options.

Cannabis Coffee Mug

So, a coffee mug that becomes a water pipe. It does exist. A coffee mug water pipe holds about 12-ounces of coffee. When you need a bong or water pipe, the cup extends upward. How do you not get cannabis in your coffee? They thought of that too. There is a stainless steel liner inside, where the coffee goes. When you need to turn it into a water pipe, take the insert out and you’re ready to go.

Rolling Papers

For the joint lovers, rolling papers are always a great gift. It is very easy to forget that you’re out or thought there were more in the package. Rolling papers are great stocking stuffers too. Those that like to roll fancy joints might enjoy Shine 24K gold rolling papers. Those that prefer a more natural approach will enjoy Rawthentic natural rolling papers and cones.

Fillable cones are what dispensaries use to create pre-rolls. They are easy to fill and are ideal for those with arthritis or hand trouble, where rolling may just not be an option. They’re also ideal for those that really don’t know how to roll a traditional joint.

Cannabis Tools

There are times when buds aren’t trimmed very well or your grinder is lost between the couch cushions. You can use a cannabis tool like The Nuggy to help get your flower down to a packable size. The Nuggy fits in your pocket and can travel anywhere. If you’re visiting with friends and the dabber gets lost, just use The Nuggy as a temporary option.

Before We Go

These are just a few ideas for the cannabis lover in your life. Get creative and create a gift basket with some accessories, snacks and maybe a gift card to a favorite restaurant. You could also walk into almost any smoke shop or head shop in the country and gift your friend a new pipe or bong. Anyone can buy pipes and bongs, so there’s no need to feel “odd” or like a “criminal” walking into one of these stores. Sales are discreet, so unless you broadcast that you’ve been to an establishment that sells cannabis use devices and accessories, no one will know – if discretion is an issue.

We hope these ideas will help you decide what to get the cannabis lover in your life. 

Disclaimer: Leafist is not affiliated with any of the vendors listed here. These are merely suggestive ideas for the audience. The products mentioned here are general ideas and not a direct promotion of any specific product, but rather an idea for gift ideas. Leafist is not compensated by any of these vendors for inclusion of their products in our content.

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