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When Does Cannabis Start Giving Off an Aroma?

A common question from new cannabis growers is: when will my cannabis plant begin to smell? In this article, we’ll discuss when plants begin to smell and how you can best mitigate their sometimes overwhelming odors.

Vegetative Stage

The vegetative stage begins after your cannabis seeds have been germinated and you have seedlings with their first leaves. The vegetative stage will end whenever you decide to begin the flowering stage, typically after the plant has grown to over 18”. During this stage, your plant generally won’t give off any odor, though it does depend on what strain you are growing.

If you notice your plant has a strong smell at this stage, you should thoroughly examine it. An aroma during the vegetative stage can indicate that your plant has advanced to the flowering stage without you noticing. A strong smell at this stage might also indicate a nutritional imbalance or even illness in your cannabis plant.


Flowering Stage

When cannabis flowers begin to grow on your plants, you have entered the flowering stage. This is when your cannabis plants tend to begin to take on a scent.

Although these scents can be quite strong, there is no way to completely get rid of the smell of your cannabis plants. The unique aromas that come from different strains of cannabis are caused by their naturally occurring terpenes.

Please do not spray air fresheners on or around your cannabis plants to get rid of their scent, as it will do much more harm than good. These chemicals can harm the health of your plant as well as the health of anyone who consumes, smokes, or vaporizes the sprayed flowers.

So, what can you do to minimize the scent? A carbon-filtered ventilation system is generally the best way to minimize the scent of your cannabis flowers.

Curing Period

Of course, when you cure your cannabis flowers they will retain their scent. Again, the best choice to avoid overwhelming odors here is to employ a good ventilation system.


Even when your cannabis buds are completely cured, each strain still gives off a unique aroma. To ensure their smell is not too invasive, be sure to keep your buds sealed in an air-tight container that is kept out of the sunlight. This will protect your buds from drying out while keeping their scent away from the outside world.

You can use anything from a sealable glass jar kept in a cool, dark place to specially-designed humidor storage boxes made for this purpose to safely store your cannabis flowers and minimize their smell.

Closing Thoughts

The earthy, floral, musky, or sometimes even skunky odors of cannabis flowers are unavoidable due to their potency of naturally-occurring terpenes.

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