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Are Cannabis Plants Perennial?

Are Cannabis Plants Perennial?

If you’ve just begun growing cannabis, you’re likely to have a few questions about these beautiful plants. In this article, we’re going to find out if cannabis plants are perennial.

What Does Perennial Mean?

Before we get into the specifics of the cannabis plant, let’s figure out what a perennial plant is. Perennial plants grow for many growing seasons within many years.


As a cannabis gardener, the appeal of perennial cannabis is obvious. If you could have one cannabis plant grow for many years, you could avoid the time-consuming process of germinating seedlings, finding out their sex, and getting them ready to harvest.

Traditionally Annual

Generally speaking, cannabis is an annual plant. Annual plants only produce for one growth cycle in one growing season and in one year.

The traditional life cycle of the cannabis plant begins as a seedling in spring, flowers in the summer, and is harvested in the fall.

Because cannabis plants traditionally only have one growth cycle, their health can suffer if they are kept alive for too long after.

Perennial Potential

After the cannabis is harvested, what remains of the plant is generally destroyed. However, some cannabis gardeners have been able to architect strains of cannabis that are perennial.

Forever Buds is one of the only perennial cannabis strains available. Forever Buds plants are said to continue to produce cannabis for many years after their first harvest. However, you can only get these costly seeds from one supplier.

Staggered Growth

One way to have cannabis year-round without changing your plant’s basic biology is staggering the growth of your seedlings.

All you have to do is begin the germination period of your first seedling, wait six weeks, germinate your second seedling, wait six weeks, and continue to repeat the process for as many seedlings as you would like to grow. Staggering the growth of your cannabis plants will allow you to have a new batch of cannabis every six weeks after your first batch is finished.

Make sure that you know how much cannabis you intend to consume, however, as one batch of cannabis harvested from a plant is enough to last even heavy cannabis users many months.

Different cannabis strains may benefit from following different staggered growth cycles depending on their rate of maturation. For instance, some plants take over 90 days to be ready for curing, while other strains are ready to be cured in only 45 days.

Closing Thoughts

Until recently, growing cannabis plants perennially seemed like a distant fantasy. But now that BC Seeds has developed the perennially-flowering strain Forever Buds, we know that it is possible.

Though it is currently expensive to own a perpetually flowering cannabis plant, there is no telling how much more available strains like Forever Buds may become over the next few years.

Although it may seem attractive to have a perennial cannabis plant, most cannabis users are likely to find that they will produce much more cannabis than they use. Because even cured cannabis flowers degrade over time, it is often best for personal growers to grow annually flowering cannabis plants anyway.

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