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What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Migraines?

If you’re a migraine sufferer like I am, finding the right strain to treat your specific symptoms in your local area might be a little tricky. Here at Leafist, we find it important to help our audience know what strains are ideal for specific medical conditions.

These are some of the best cannabis strains for migraines. Most dispensaries, regardless of where you live should have some of these available as Blue Dream, White Widow and ACDC are rather popular.

ACDC – CBD Strain

If you need to relieve the pain of a migraine but don’t want to have a cloudy mind, a CBD strain like ACDC is ideal. The CBD percentage of ACDC averages 19-percent, making it a strong pain reliever and migraine killer. It’s also a good strain for depression and anxiety.


Candyland is the child of Bay Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. Its distinctive purple and golden hairs bring you a euphoric feeling with sides of creativity and happiness. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid, making it ideal for daytime use. It helps melt the pain of a migraine away.

White Widow

White Widow’s roots lead to Amsterdam. It’s a 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid that is ideal for muscle tension – often associated with migraines. It‘s also a great painkiller while being a mood enhancer and enhancing your creative juices. If you happen to be having a day where anxiety and a migraine are ailing you, White Widow is perfect as it is an ideal strain for both conditions.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular cannabis strains for its painkilling properties. It has a fruity/citrusy flavor to it. THC potencies are commonly over 20-percent with this strain. It’s a well-rounded strain that is ideal for evening use since it can make you a little sleepy due to the indica inclusions in the strain.

Granddaddy Purple

Also known as simply, GDP, Granddaddy Purple is a daytime indica strain. It’ll help you get up and do that pile of dishes or laundry that’s been sitting around. At the same time, it helps you rid your body of pain, especially the pain from migraines. Your muscles will relax, allowing for normal blood flow and the reduction of tension due to a migraine.

Harlequin – CBD Strain

Harlequin is a CBD strain that is common for treating seizure disorders and migraines. It has anti-inflammatory properties that is also good for arthritis sufferers. Harlequin works fast to reduce migraine pressure and tension. The ratio of CBD to THC is 5:2, so you won’t get the psychoactive effects, but you will get the migraine relief that you’re seeking.

Closing Thoughts

There are several other strains that are great for migraine relief, such as ATF, that can quickly reduce or kill the tension/eye spasms and shooting pains that are associated with a migraine. Migraines don’t have to completely take you out, there are over a dozen cannabis strains that aid in relieving migraine pain. It is ideal to search your local area dispensary/retail store menus to see if these are available or if a comparable substitute is available.

What is your favorite strain for migraine relief?

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