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When is Cannabis Ready to Use?

There are several “ready” stages in cannabis cultivation. This is a brief breakdown of each of those stages. It is important to know what the “ready” stage of each growth phase is so that you can grow healthy cannabis plants with big yields.

Ready for Planting

If you are starting from cannabis seed, you’ll need to germinate your seed first. This is a 3-day process. You’ll cover your seed in water, stick it in a cool, dark place and come back three days later. If your cannabis seed has sprouted, it’s ready for soil.

Do not plant your seed until you see that it has sprouted.

Ready for Transplanting

You will transplant two times throughout the growing process. Your first transplantation takes place at day 14 of your cannabis plant being in its starter pot. It is ideal to transfer from a starter pot to a 2-gallon option.

The second transplantation takes place when your plants begin to flower. For this stage, and to get your plants ready to harvest, you’ll want a container that is at least 7-gallons in size. Essentially, the bigger the better, but you’ll need to maintain your soil quality at the same time.

Ready for Trimming

When is your cannabis plant ready for trimming? This is something you’ll have to be patient with. You’ll spend a lot of time trimming the closer it gets to harvest time. You really want to wait until you have buds on your plants to trim away leaves that are losing color or are just there for show.

Do not trim too many leaves at once. This puts your plant in shock and can kill it. Trim a couple leaves a day. Trimming is supposed to put the energy from those leaves back into your cannabis plant to help produce more terpenes for creating resin.

You should do less trimming during the second half of the flowering stage to protect the health of the plant.

Ready for Harvest

There are several factors to consider when you think your plant is ready for harvest. The first is that you’ll want at least 60-percent of the hairs on your buds to be dark. Waiting a little longer, until at least three-quarters to 90-percent of the hairs are darkened on your buds. The hairs will almost look like curly pig tails, but should no longer be standing straight out. They should be curled down and situated into the bud.

Ready for Consumption

It’s really hard to wait the curing process out after you harvest your cannabis. But, if you don’t wait until your cannabis is ready for consumption, you may experience poor effects or an unenjoyable consumption experience. Cannabis that hasn’t cured for a minimum of two weeks, leave it be. Ideally, you want your cannabis to cure for two to three weeks, although four is preferred.

The Gist of it All

Patience is a virtue, and is something you are forced to learn when growing cannabis. Every stage of growth has a ready phase, and you honestly just have to let your plant tell you when it’s ready for the next stage. Any processes that are completed too early in the growth stage can shock your plant, stunt its growth or stop its growth.

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