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Why Cannabis Should be Legal

A big part of the American population wants legal cannabis. Others question why it should be legal. Many don't understand how it became illegal in the first place. We're working backwards to find answers now and change laws that are almost 80 years old. People want to know why cannabis should be legal, we're going to answer that question for you with as much factual information as possible, because at Leafist, educating our audience is one of our main goals. 

We found that this topic is searched for a lot online, because people want to know why cannabis should be legal -- just from spending most, or all of their lives, being misinformed or perhaps, some just need factual information delivered about cannabis. So, we thought we'd tackle this topic for you. 

Banned out of Fear

As I wrote earlier in the week, cannabis really became illegal out of fear. Since some strains provide euphoric effects, some saw it as being "deadly" or as dangerous as illicit drugs like heroin. The fact of the matter is, when prohibition took place, there just wasn't enough information about cannabis to understand the who, what, where, when and why of it all. 

Take a few minutes to read When and Why did Cannabis Become Illegal? and it'll open your eyes to where the U.S. was 80 years ago in terms of science, medicine, research and regulations.

Safer than Many Prescription Medications

Many pharmaceuticals have more dangerous side effects than the health condition they're treating. Many cause dependence, many reduce qualities of life. Prescription medications do help billions of people, but for many others they either stop working, their bodies become resistant to the drugs or the tolerance gets built so high that people suffering through medical conditions get no relief. Cannabis is not a cure for every health condition, but as studies continue to produce and publish data, we're learning more about how well cannabis really can work for a lot of conditions. 

You Can't Overdose

Speaking quite frankly, you really can only get so high. Your body stops responding to cannabis when its stimulates as much as it can be. You absolutely cannot overdose on cannabis, no one in history ever has. Now, there is a very small portion of the population that has a cannabis allergy -- but none have ever been fatal. Here's the kicker -- alcohol can kill you, prescription drugs can kill you, cannabis cannot yet it's still federally illegal. 

Return Resources to Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Local law enforcement agencies, especially where cannabis laws aren't relaxed, are using a lot of resources and money locking people up for cannabis infractions. These resources could be put back into law enforcement programs to work on cutting more dangerous crimes from their communities and taking harsh drugs off of the streets. 

Reduced Crime

If cannabis became legal and was properly regulated, crime could reduce. It is a definite possibility. Some cities where cannabis is legal for medical and/or recreational purposes have noted reductions in dangerous crimes. 

A Couple Final Thoughts

These aren't my direct opinions, these are facts. Cannabis is not as dangerous as the government has made it out to be for all these years. Sure, it does have some dangers, but everything in life has dangers associated with it. The simple fact is, attitudes toward cannabis are changing. People are seeing the medical benefits it has and how those using cannabis for medical reasons are thriving. They're also seeing how local economies are improving where cannabis is legal in some form. 

Why do you think cannabis should be legal?

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