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Which Cannabis Stocks are the Best to Invest in?

Did you know that there are cannabis stocks that you can invest in? While cannabis can’t be included on traditional stock exchanges like the NYSE and DOW, cannabis does have its own exchange. Stock values are rapidly increasing as more states legalize cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes. These are the stocks that are seeing the biggest returns on investment.

CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not illegal. It is part of the cannabis plant, so it is still not permitted to be on national stock exchanges. A company called Insys Therapeutics has a product called Syndros that is gaining national attention. It is a liquid medication with an active ingredient called dronabinol. Those with extreme nausea or are receiving chemotherapy treatment find relief from their symptoms after using products containing dronabinol.

Canopy Growth Corporation

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) is a Canadian-based company that is gaining attention from U.S. stock investors. The cannabis manufacturer/distributor is increasing its value and industry interest. Some statistics show that they use greenhouses to grow all of their cannabis and that they have more than 16,500 registered customers. The company’s best sales month totaled more than $2.5-million in sales.

CGC is one of the most stable cannabis stocks to put your money into.

23 Companies to Choose From

The Marijuana Index includes only 23 companies. Their guidelines for inclusion are rather strict, requiring at least $10-million in market capitalization and must have at least $20K in daily trading volume. Another requirement is a share price more than the value of a U.S. dime.

It is ideal to invest in companies such as:

  • American Cannabis
  • Aurora Cannabis Inc.
  • Cara Therapeutics Inc.
  • CannaGrow Holdings, Inc.
  • Cannabis Sativa, Inc.
  • United Cannabis Corporation
  • Hemp, Inc.

These companies are all dedicated to the cannabis industry and show growth on the cannabis stock trading index. As the industry grows, the values of these stocks are expected to increase. Essentially, the time to invest in this growing industry is now, while stock prices are still attainable for any budget.

Cannabis Technology Companies

Cannabis technology companies are ideal to invest in. These companies are creating point-of-sale programs that also monitor compliance to help keep retail cannabis shops and medical cannabis dispensaries open. These companies are also helping develop technology that will help stop drugged driving and detect cannabis intoxication. There are also companies developing safer ways of extracting oils and creating edibles in proper proportions.

In Closing

Once prohibition ends and cannabis is 100-percent legal in the U.S., cannabis stock values will skyrocket. If this is an industry you do want to invest in, do it now instead of later. You’ll see more growth on your initial investment. The industry is only going to grow and gain value. Choose the company or companies you wish to invest in wisely. You want to invest in a cannabis company that can grow and adapt as the industry changes.

Would you invest in the cannabis industry? If so, which option do you think is best for your financial portfolio and personal interests?

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