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DEA Interferes Again – CBD Oil Now Part of the Controlled Substances Act

Here we go again, the DEA is interfering with medical cannabis again. Now, according to the agency, cannabidiol, or any item derived from the cannabis plant is illegal. What?!?! We’re not kidding. Cannabidiol (CBD) provides zero psychoactive effects, yet the DEA now classifies it as dangerous as heroin and other illicit drugs.

Final Ruling

The final decision came down yesterday, December 14. Now cannabis extract has its own code in the Controlled Substances Act. You can reference the inclusion (1308.11.7350) on the Government Publishing Office website.

The official definition is: “Meaning an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis, other than the separated resin (whether crude or purified) obtained from the plant.”

This new ruling overrides previous rulings, and, there was no announcement that this was even a potential issue. The DEA slid this one in secretly and dropped the bombshell yesterday after announcing its final ruling.

Not only are CBD oils now illegal, but all marijuana extracts are. I suppose this also means that any pet products containing CBD won’t be able to be purchased legally anymore either. That is a real bummer for thousands of pets that are enjoying their lives again.

Direct DEA response regarding extracts containing only a single CBD: “DEA response: For practical purposes, all extracts that contain CBD will also contain at least small amounts of other cannabinoids.[1] However, if it were possible to produce from the cannabis plant an extract that contained only CBD and no other cannabinoids, such an extract would fall within the new drug code 7350. In view of this comment, the regulatory text accompanying new drug code 7350 has been modified slightly to make clear that it includes cannabis extracts that contain only one cannabinoid.”

Benefits of CBD products

As I mentioned above, cannabidiol does not produce any psychoactive effects at all. The main benefits of CBD include nausea relief, seizure prevention and inflammation reduction. Children with epilepsy and other serious seizure disorders have shown reduced numbers of seizures or a complete stoppage of them.

CBD is also great for migraine and anxiety relief. Such a small amount of THC, 1-percent to 3-percent on average, is in a CBD product that it creates no actual effects. It works without you knowing it’s working.

Will it Hurt the Cannabis Industry?

The only portion of the cannabis industry that making CBD oil and cannabis extracts illegal will be those that were purchasing the items without a medical cannabis card in states where recreational marijuana is not legal. Many advertised that CBD products were legal and no card was required to purchase the items. That is just a small sector of the industry, so it’s not likely to cause any real harm.

Digesting the Frustration

Yes, this is a huge setback for the cannabis industry, medical and recreational. There are some shops, like one in Arizona, that sell only CBD products and advertised that no medical cannabis card was needed to purchase the items. That all changes now. You’re not the only ones confused by this new ruling, we are too. Just when we thought the DEA was done interfering, they snuck in a fast one on us.

Are you as mad about this sneaky act as we are? Sound off with us!

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