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Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup - Issue 3

It's been a semi-quiet week in the news department, other than the DEA now outlawing CBD oil and marijuana extracts. Here's what's happening in the cannabis world this week. We've picked the week's best stories to share with you. 

California's Recreational Cannabis Sales May Be Delayed

Due to issues with finalizing regulations in California, the start of recreational cannabis sales in California may be delayed slightly. The first recreational sales of cannabis may be delayed an entire year. We hope this doesn't happen, but it might. Setting up a new regulatory system takes some time.

Colorado Cannabis Sales Surpass $1-Billion 

Colorado's cannabis industry, including both recreational and medical, crossed over the $1-billion sales mark as October sales were factored into the rest of the year. Experts say that, after November and December sales totals come in, that it fully expects the final tallies for 2016 to be in the neighborhood of $1.3 to $1.6-billion.

Tennessee Medical Marijuana Bill Legislation Begins

Two Tennessee republicans are introducing a bill to approve medical cannabis in the state. It isn't an effort to get closer to legalizing recreational cannabis in the state though, the lawmakers just want to make it possible for the severely and terminally ill to have another alternative to treating their symptoms. Some call this the strongest bill constructed for medical cannabis the state has seen yet.

Canada is Considering Legalizing Cannabis Under Heavily Regulated Program

Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, promised during his campaign that he would legalize recreational cannabis. It won't be a free-for-all situation though, the program would be heavily regulated as its medical cannabis program is. It would likely be under the same mail order only system with strict limits in place. Medical cannabis patients are not permitted to order more meds until they're scheduled to and are only allowed to order what their doctors have prescribed. 

Ohio Says 40 Dispensaries is Enough to Start With

Ohio legalized medical cannabis earlier this year. Dispensaries are expected to open in 2018, but the states says 40 medical cannabis dispensaries is enough. Marijuana Policy Project disagrees. The population itself determines that with only 40 dispensaries available, that would equal about 4,700 patients per dispensary, which is just way too many to serve patients correctly.

Hey, Massachusetts, Recreational Cannabis is Officially Legal -- With a Tiny Catch

Recreational cannabis officially became legal in Massachusetts yesterday, December 15. But, you don't have anywhere to purchase it legally yet. It'll be at least a year before you'll have a regulated shop to buy from, meaning, you won't get in trouble for possessing the legal amount of cannabis in the state, but you're likely to be arrested for selling it. 

Los Angeles Anticipated to be the Cannabis Capital of the World

California is home to just over 10-percent of the American population. Prop 64 passed in November and L.A. is expected to become the cannabis mecca of the world, industry experts say. Those experts also estimate that the cannabis black market in California is already worth $1-billion, which is about what Colorado's entire cannabis industry is worth. 

If you'd like to read any of these stories in full, please click the article titles as I have included the links directly to the original stories. We'll bring you another roundup of the weeks' top cannabis news stories next week, just in time for Christmas. Enjoy your week ahead, and don't forget to share Leafist's content on social media. We appreciate all of your retweets and likes so far!

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