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What's in the Cards for Cannabis in 2017?

2016 has been a huge year for the cannabis industry. Nine states have legalized either recreational or medical cannabis just this year. Over half of the United States now has a legal form of cannabis. Countries around the world are legalizing and decriminalizing. Here’s a few predictions about what could happen in the cannabis industry in 2017.

Craft Cannabis Niche Increase

Big alcohol has craft beers, so why not craft cannabis for the cannabis industry? Branding cannabis strains is something that we can expect as cannabis companies start to build their brands. There are some craft cannabis companies out there, such as Chong’s Choice, Marley Naturals and Snoop Dogg’s line of products, but we can expect smaller, local companies to start doing the same thing.

Being the single location to obtain a specific cannabis product or flower strain brings brands power.

Cannabis on Primetime Television

Cannabis themed television shows are already present on networks like HBO and online streaming services. With society’s shifting attitude toward cannabis, we can expect primetime, local networks to start allowing cannabis themes, at least in educational form, sometime in 2017. MTV and VICELAND have cannabis-themed shows, so does Netflix. It’s time for the bigger networks to catch on.

NBC has caught on, Buds, about a Denver dispensary is expected to air on the network, but there’s no date for its premiere just yet.

Legal Medical Cannabis for Sports Players

Professional sports players in every league (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) are pushing the leagues to allow medical cannabis instead of the harsh narcotics and opioids they’re given. NFL players are being suspended, even though they have medical cannabis cards because the league doesn’t allow the use of medical cannabis. Sports leagues need to get with the times and wake up. Their players suffer life-altering injuries and are still being forced to use these pills that put their heads in a fog and limit their ability to function. Players are calling for it, some league officials agree, and society (as we can see by the number of states with legal cannabis laws) agree that cannabis is safer than alcohol and opioids.

A New Cannabis Capital

Well, California passed Prop 64, so now; Los Angeles is expected to become the cannabis capital. California has had a medical cannabis program for years, but now that recreational cannabis regulations are forming and the industry is making great strides in starting the recently approved recreational cannabis measure, the industry is expected to blow up.

It will be an area for investors to make great returns on their investments. Legal recreational cannabis in California will open up thousands of jobs and allow, possibly hundreds, of new businesses to open.

A Couple Final Thoughts

So, one of the biggest worries, as far as predictions, is that Jeff Sessions is going to make the cannabis industry a mess. Honestly, Donald Trump is a control freak (as I’ve mentioned before), I think we’re worrying about nothing. Plenty of industry and news experts have already said they don’t think Trump’s going to attack the cannabis industry because it’s creating jobs, it’s creating revenue, it’s stabilizing local economies and society (at least 60-percent of the American public) supports it. There are a lot of big things coming for the cannabis industry in 2017, I, for one, am quite excited to see this industry grow.

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