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Cannabis Plant Food and Fertilizer Suggestions – Start Growing on the Right Track

The cannabis plant is finicky. It needs a proper balance of nutrients, fertilizer and water to grow healthy, strong and yield a good crop. Too much of one nutrient can actually cause problems for  your plants, and in some cases, you might even lose your plant altogether. The below foods and nutrients are ideal for growing healthy cannabis plants.

Note: When using these nutrients and fertilizers, make sure that you’re properly mixing them. Follow the directions on the container and make sure you actually measure the amounts correctly, being off by even a couple of tablespoons can cause big problems, such as nutrient burn.  

Proper Nutrient Blend

Cannabis plants need a proper blend of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, so you’ll want to look for a plant food at your local hydroponic supply store that features the letters N-P-K on it. This is necessary for the first growing phase (the vegetative state). Fox Farm has some great pre-mixed plant foods and fertilizers that work great for cannabis plants.

Now, it’s important to not overfeed your plants because too much of either of these nutrients can cause nutrient burn. Phosphorous is needed so that you’ll end up with more flowers on your plant. Potassium makes your flowers heavier. Nitrogen helps bud development, but you want to cut back on the nitrogen element once you reach the blooming stage of growth.

Note: You’ll need to check the pH levels of the soil often. It is ideal for the pH for the soil be an overall 6 – 7. Hydroponics should read 5.5 to 6.5 and Coco Coir should read 5.5 to 6.5. If your levels are off, flushing your soil can help reduce numbers if they are too high. If the numbers are too low, only increase the food slightly because too much can send you backwards in regards to progress.

Fertilizing your Cannabis Plants

When it comes to fertilizers, if you don’t want to compost your own fertilizer, a pre-mixed option is best. But, you still need to follow the instructions on the package. If you’re growing in soil, Happy Frog Soil and Humbolt soil both work well. Mix the pre-mixed soil with 30-percent perlite for an ideal blend. Hydroponic growers should consider a perlite or vermiculite blend with 50-percent fertilizer. You’ll also use peat moss for hydroponic growing.

Tip: Don’t use Miracle-Gro. It has too much nitrogen for the cannabis plant. You can end up with a nitrogen toxicity problem that can be hard to correct.

Closing Comments

We’re not saying that you should only use the products mentioned here, but these produce some of the best results. Of course, you can find other products that are comparable in both price and nutrient inclusion. Rather than purchasing a plant food that has most of what your cannabis plant needs, spend the extra few bucks to get a food that will provide your cannabis plant with proper nutrition. Attempting to balance out nutrients when they aren’t included in a pre-made mixture can be nearly impossible for a novice grower.

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