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When is your Cannabis Expired?

Everything has a shelf life, even cannabis. Some states require expiration dates to be posted on medical cannabis products. If your state doesn’t require expiration dates, how do you know when your cannabis is past its prime?

We’ll give you a few things to look for to determine whether your cannabis is expired or still okay below.

Sniff Test

If you’ve had your cannabis sitting around a while, it can lose its smell. This typically means it’s also past its prime and should just be tossed. Terpenoids are responsible for the scent that each strain has. As those evaporate, they also degrade and lose potency.

This doesn’t mean it won’t be potent, so it’s okay to try a few hits to see if it still does the trick. If not, just toss it.

Color Changes

As your cannabis ages, its color will diminish. After all, it is a plant and plants do degrade over time even after they’re dried out. Part of the degradation process can also lead to the release of moisture that can cause your buds to mold. It’s important to store your cannabis in an airtight container that is away from direct light exposure. This will help keep your buds intact longer.

A Little More Sluggish

You should pay attention to the effects you experience from every strain you try. If you’ve had a batch around awhile, it can change the way it affects you. When cannabis is expired, it’ll make you sleepier than normal. So, if you’ve got a sativa or dominant hybrid and it makes you require a nap, it’s past its prime.

It’ll also be less potent. As the buds begin to degrade and breakdown, the THC becomes cannabinol (CBN). The effects from cannabinol are minimal and brings on cases of the sleepies.

Storage Helps

Properly storing your cannabis will help slow down its aging process. It’s ideal to only buy what you need for a week or two at a time to prevent you from keeping strains around too long. However, if you’re not a real heavy cannabis user, it might stick around a little longer. As mentioned above, an airtight container that is kept out of the sun is ideal. Many dispensaries and retail shops use the plastic resealable bags, similar to stink sacks. Those aren’t ideal for lengthy storage as light easily gets in.

Consider a cannador type of storage option. It’s like a humidor but for cannabis. It helps maintain ideal cannabis storage conditions.

Now, if your cannabis dries out too fast, simply add a couple strips of orange, lemon or lime peel to it. Of course, your buds will take on this flavor so make sure you’re using a citrus fruit that you enjoy eating. The oils in the peel help rehydrate your buds.

Closing Tips

If you’ve had your cannabis around for a few weeks, or even past a month, check it over for decomposition. Look for spots of mold, and of course, test only a small amount first. If anything is off or not characteristic of the strain, discard it and visit your local dispensary or retail shop for a fresh batch.

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