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What are You Doing on Inauguration Day? Smoke-Out Planned in D.C.

President-elect Donald Trump officially takes office on January 20. His incoming Attorney General may be Jeff Sessions. Trump isn’t exactly keen on legal cannabis; he supports medical use but recreationally – not so much. There’s a group of activists that plan to do something about it.

When and Where

Event organizers, DCMJ, say that anyone that wishes to join them should be at Dupont Circle at 8 a.m. on January 20th. The group will organize and walk to the National Mall. A total of 4,200 joints will be distributed for the event, only for use during the event.


The purpose of this rally is to let the incoming president elect and other incoming politicians against legal recreational cannabis know that the American people want something different. Recent polls show that 60-percent of American adults support legal cannabis, I mean; it was legally used for prescription medication in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Society’s attitude toward cannabis has changed.

With the amount of information emerging from studies and data from states that have legalized, people are seeing that it isn’t this scary plant that the government led them to believe it was. Cannabis was banned out of fear and political agenda; It’s been proven more than once. Before claims that it “made people crazy” started stirring about, cannabis was perceived pretty well around the world.

So, with this rally, cannabis enthusiasts and activists want to show politicians that what they’ve believed is wrong. Cannabis is safer than alcohol, it doesn’t kill and the American public – at least 60-percent of us – want legal cannabis.

When to Light Up

It’s said that when Donald Trump reaches the 4 minute and 20 second mark in his inaugural speech, the 4,200 joints will be lit.

Potential Problems with the Planned Event

There will likely be children at this event, and while a little cannabis surely isn’t going to hurt them any to smell, it isn’t exactly a good idea to expose them. Another potential issue, even though recreational cannabis is legal in D.C., a toe crossing onto federal property can result in those shiny silver bracelets going around your wrists.

It isn’t known just how many people will show up for this smoke-out, so there may not be any more room on actual public property to keep you out of trouble.

Could this Backfire?

Absolutely, this can backfire. President-elect Trump and Jeff Sessions might see this as an open invitation to retaliate. Then again, they may see it as an issue that just isn’t going to go away (because it isn’t), and make some changes to the Controlled Substances Act. Trump tends to like to do what’s popular. While he doesn’t mind being under the radar, he’s about creating business and fixing economies. Cannabis sales are creating tens of thousands of jobs and are stabilizing economies all across the U.S.

Do I think something is going to go wrong at this event? I’m not sure, but I’m saying that someone is likely to end up in handcuffs. Please, though, if you do decide to attend this event, be respectful, keep to yourself and don’t raise a ruckus. Acting inappropriately during this event could be what makes Trump and Sessions decide that the American people aren’t responsible enough to have recreational cannabis.

If you do attend, have fun, take photos and share your experiences here with us at Leafist! We’d love to know how you thought the event went.

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