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Leafist Cannabis News Weekly Roundup - Issue 6

We hope the first week of the New Year has been good to all of you. The cannabis industry is still breaking records in sales. States are working to decriminalize cannabis where it isn't legal yet, and there are a few working to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis. A lot is happening in the industry as society's attitude toward cannabis is changing. 

Here are the top news stories from the first week of 2017.

Some Massachusetts Cannabis Advocates Don't Like this Governor

Senator Jason Lewis is adamantly against cannabis. He was one of the most outspoken in opposition of Question 4. Advocates don't want him to be the state's point person on cannabis -- and we understand why. 

Colorado's Director of Marijuana Coordination is Stepping Down

Andrew Freedman has announced that he is stepping down as the director of marijuana coordination in Colorado. He's not leaving the industry though. He's starting a consultation company that will work on policy development and aiding state/local governments with implementing marijuana laws in their local areas. 

Arkansas has Outrageous Fees for Opening a Medical Cannabis Business

Would you be able to pay $100,000 licensing fee to open a medical cannabis dispensary? Add $15,000 to that for the application fee. You've also got to prove that you have $1-million available to you and $500,000 available in cash. They just don't want to see medical cannabis businesses in their state. These fees are just outrageous!

An Ohio City Plans to Use Vacant Community Center for Medical Cannabis Production

The economy in Eastlake, Ohio has struggled for years. Empty buildings are just taking up space. The city needs the revenue, so converting a vacant community center, that offers 50,000-sqft of space, for cannabis cultivation/processing is an ideal solution. Updates to come on that. 

Illinois Village Decriminalizes Cannabis Possession

The village of Oswego, Illinois decriminalized cannabis possession on January 4. As long as you don't have more than 10-grams on you, all you'll get is a civil citation -- kind of like a traffic ticket. Although the State of Illinois decriminalized cannabis possession in 2016, so the village has amended it's regulations to comply with state regulations.

Cannabinoid Hypermesis Syndrome - Cannabis Vomiting Illness

This strange illness has been gaining attention this week. Some heavy users of cannabis, mostly in pure extracts and oils, have complained of severe abdominal pain and extreme vomiting. Doctors suggest reducing use and taking a hot bath or shower if you experience any of these symptoms.

Poor Florida - Patients Still have to Wait for Medical Cannabis

Florida voters approved medical cannabis in November. Patients won't be able to get recommendations from a qualified doctor for a while yet. Regulations and compliance rules still have to be put in place. There's no great time table available just yet. 

As you can see, we've got some great things happening around the country in the cannabis industry. Even in states where no one ever thought it would be possible to have any form of legal cannabis, it's happening. Now, we just need the federal government to get on-board. 

We hope you all have a great week ahead, and we look forward to bringing you some great posts next week! 

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