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Why Carbon Filter Fans are Ideal for Indoor Cannabis Grows

When you’re learning to grow cannabis, either for medical or recreational purposes, using the best equipment that your money can afford is best. Better quality equipment, especially in regards to cannabis, often produces a better crop. There are several options for fans for the space – plants need a little breeze to help them grow – but carbon filter fan options tend to produce the best results. We’ll explain why we suggest using carbon filter fans below.

Ease of Installation

It’s fairly simple to install a carbon filter into an existing exhaust/ventilation system. You can also purchase a fan with carbon filter online as an extra step. Having a dual filtration system is also ideal because you’ll be sure to mask the odor while keeping the air clean.

In most cases, you can setup a carbon filter fan in just a few minutes. We’ve found a video to help you understand easy installation really is.


There are professional carbon filter fan setups that go for almost $500. But, if you have a smaller grow and are just getting started, you can find a decent substitute for around $50. A local hydroponics store should also have entry-level priced options that you can start with. The filters themselves can be ordered online rather cheaply as well, with some single filters being less than $5/each.

Energy Efficient

When purchasing your carbon filter fan, make sure that it is energy efficient. Look for the ENERGY STAR rating or endorsement, or other qualifying organization’s certification on the product’s label. Energy efficiency is important when growing cannabis since the space is always using lights and/or fans.

To ensure that the fans are working to maintain a proper atmosphere, check your filters bi-weekly and change them as needed. Many claim to work for a month or more, but when it comes to cannabis, they can start leaking the odor after a couple of weeks.

Odor Control

Also known as a carbon scrubber, carbon filter fans neutralize the odor of cannabis in the air. You’ll need just one decent fan if you’ve got 1 to 4 plants. You’ll need two for up to 10 plants, as an example. Activated carbon absorbs the odor. You need to ensure that the fan is pulling or pushing the odor through the filter for it to work properly.

Scrubs Air

Activated carbon is known for scrubbing impurities out of the air. Restaurants, bars and other establishments where odors are prevalent use activated carbon air filtration systems for the same purpose. Their goal is keeping impurities out of their air to maintain a healthy environment for their patrons. Your cannabis plants should be treated like those patrons; they need clean air to breathe too.

Closing Words

With a properly setup ventilation and filtration system in your home grow space, you should have no problems keeping the air clean and odor-free (at least on the outside of the home). Your neighbors shouldn’t be able to smell anything and there should be no odor coming from the other side of the door of your grow room either. Carbon fiber systems are suggested due to their ease of use, cost effectiveness and proven results.

Image Credit: D-Kuru via Wikimedia Commons

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