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3 Ways to Increase your Cannabis Crop's Yield

If you’re an indoor grower, you might notice that you don’t produce big yields with all strains. Some strains naturally produce less than others do, but with a few tricks, you can get all of your strains to produce larger yields. It’s a good idea to have a good grasp on the basics of growing first, because general knowledge is always beneficial.

Below are three ways that Leafist suggests to use to increase your cannabis crop yields.

Light Intensity

During the flowering stage of growth, increase the light intensity in your grow. The main food given to your cannabis plant is light – it’s part of the photosynthesis process. Plants need energy to grow and produce, light gives them that energy.

The right amount of light is necessary through all stages of growth. During the vegetative state, the plant may end up with too many stems and not enough leaves. What ends up happening is that they get too tall, become weak and topple over.

A general rule of thumb when growing cannabis is: More light produces more buds.

Stronger grow lights are what make for denser buds upon harvesting. So, during the budding stage, you really want to make sure the light is directed toward them. You want the light source to be close to your plant, but not a super-hot light that would burn the plant.

Controlled Environment

Cannabis plants, as I’ve mentioned in some of our other grow-related content, are finicky. They need just the right climate to perform well. Their growing environment needs to be humidity and temperature controlled. It’s a good idea to keep the grow under 80 degrees, but not too low. If either the temperature or humidity are too high/low, your plants won’t produce fat buds.

When your plants are flowering, if the room temperature is too high, you might be burning terpenes and cannabinoids away – so you’ll lose your aroma. This is where light intensity is really important. You want the lights to be intense, but not too hot because your plants will burn. It’s basically giving your plants heat stress.

Plant Manipulation

Plant manipulation is also referred to as plant training. Every cola (bud site) should receive an ample amount of light. There are no special nutrients or pieces of equipment that you need to buy to train your plants. To train your plants, you want to practice Low Stress Training (LST) to grow flat and wide rather than thinner and taller.

The goal is to keep your plant shorter, stockier and stronger with broad leaf surface areas. The leaves soak up the light and feed the plant. As more leaves are exposed to the light, your plants are getting more energy and strength to grow and produce more at the end of the plant’s cycle.

You could also use a screen-like net to keep your plants from growing taller. This technique forces your plant to grow flat. The forced behavior makes the plant grow flatter for better exposure to light from all sides.  

A Couple Closing Tips

Before purchasing home grow equipment, it is a good idea to view how-to guides to make sure you purchase everything needed at one time. When you start on the right foot with home growing, you’re more likely to have a good, plentiful crop with nice, tight buds. Starting with quality equipment and a good ventilation system help your plants grow strong and plentiful.

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