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A Simple Guide to Growing Higher Quality Buds

Showing off big, tight buds that are crystallized is something that every grower wishes to achieve. When you’re just starting out, however, you may not see these results. That’s okay, growing cannabis is a science and it takes time to master. We’ll give you a few pointers here to help you get higher quality buds from every plant.

Good Genetics

Starting with good genetics is beneficial. If you are able to purchase seeds directly from a grower and view their harvests, you’ll know whether to expect high-quality buds or mediocre ones. If you want to end with first-class buds, you have to start with first-class seeds or clones.

Some master growers suggest purchasing seeds from seed banks, but only the mots reputable.

Increase Terpene Content

Terpenes are what make your cannabis plant have its smell and taste. Terpenes are factors in hundreds of types of plants, including herbs and spices. Climate control is important for terpene production. The ideal temperature to keep your grow space at is 65 to 80 degrees, if you’re not using a CO2 setup. At night, keep the temperature between 68 and 75-degrees. It is ideal to keep your humidity levels between 40 and 50-percent during the flowering stage. Near the end of the glowering cycle, such as the last 2 to 3 weeks, drop the humidity to between 25 and 30 percent.

Use Bloom Boosters

Bloom boosters or enhancers can help grow more and bigger buds. Phosphorous and potassium are the main ingredients in a bloom booster. Only use them as directed on the packaging. They are potent and a little bit is all you need. Giving your plant too much could give it nutrient burn, and during the flowering stage, that is hard to recover from.

Now, if you use a bloom nutrient, it should already include plenty of potassium and phosphorous, so don’t use this in combination with a bloom booster. Sugar-based bloom boosters are good for your plant too. But, you can also use just blackstrap molasses since that is the main ingredient in those boosters. You’ll only need to give your plant ½ teaspoon per gallon of water for the last 2 – 3 weeks of the flowering stage.

Note: For hydroponic growers, blackstrap molasses won’t work for your system. It’s likely to clog your system or be too diluted that it does nothing at all for your plants.

Good Air Flow to Colas

It is important that the colas of your cannabis plant get plenty of flowing air to them. You need high-quality air to produce high-quality buds. For just a couple of plants (1 – 3 plants) you can get away fine with a single oscillating fan. When you have a larger grow, you’ll need more fans. You could also opt for stronger fans, but those may end up breaking your young cannabis plants. You need strong colas that have plenty of air coming their way to end up with a high-quality bud.

Climate Control

As briefly discussed in the terpenes section, climate control is a must. You’ll need to adjust your humidity levels throughout the growing stages, but what you want to be able to do is have higher humidity in the space until the last 2 – 3 weeks of flowering, then reduce it and let the buds start to lose some of their moisture. This helps the drying process and acts as mold prevention too. Maintaining daytime temps of 65 to 80 degrees during the day and 68 to 75 degrees at night is ideal.

Final Thoughts

As your buds are just about done growing and the humidity is lowered in the space, they’ll tighten up as some of the moisture leaves. This will also allow any trichomes or crystals to be present on the outside that will be there. Your buds will present much better when you take special care of your plants with the right growing environment and proper feeding schedule.

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