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Leafist Weekly Cannabis News Roundup - Issue 7

There's a lot of talk about the cannabis industry this week -- especially with confirmation hearings taking place before inauguration day next Friday. States are continuing to move forward, the government continues to push against cannabis reform. Studies are now coming out to scare people with claims of schizophrenia being a potential risk for cannabis users. But, we'll go into that a little more later. 

Here's the top news stories of this week. 

Sessions says to Get Congress to Change Cannabis Laws if We Don't want the Laws Enforced

In Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing, when asked about cannabis, he said that if we don't want cannabis laws to be enforced, get Congress to change the law. Well, I say -- let's get on it! 

Two-thirds of Police Officers Support Some Form of Cannabis Legalization

Only 30-percent of law enforcement officials polled say that they don't support any kind of legal cannabis. The other two-thirds support either medical and/or personal cannabis use. Regardless of their position on cannabis legalization, there were still 574,000 cannabis-related arrests in 2015. 

New York May Decriminalize Cannabis

Governor Andrew Cuomo is actually considering decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis. This is something that many never thought they'd see because he has even been resistant of medical cannabis. 

Bill Filed in Georgia for Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Sales

Georgia's been a tough state to get any progress made with allowing in-state cannabis cultivation and expanding it's severely limited medical cannabis program. Some call House Bill 36 a long shot, but they may get a surprise on voting day as the voters of Georgia are more likely to pass this bill than lawmakers think.

No Medical Cannabis in Danville

No cannabis of any kind, including medicinal, will be allowed in Danville, CA. This is quite disappointing for the residents there that supported Prop 64 in November. There has, however, been a very heated debate on the issue, so it may change again as some lawmakers strongly disagree with the ban. 

Texas Grandfather Arrested for Medical Cannabis Possession

Texas lawmakers are working to decriminalize marijuana possession. A California grandfather was pulled over in Texas and tossed in jail for having 4 ounces of medical cannabis and a glass pipe in his car. The grandfather was just attempting to get to his very ill granddaughter's bedside. 

It's Still Not Legal to Sell Recreational Cannabis in California

Even though California adults ages 21 and older are legally permitted to possess an ounce of cannabis and grow up to 7 plants, it's still not legal to sell. Cannabis won't be able to be legally sold until recreational shops obtain licenses and the okay to open. 

Cannabis is a Hot Topic in Many State Legislatures

Social opinions are changing regarding cannabis, they have for a long time. That being said, dozens of bills are flooding state legislative offices in hopes of reforming cannabis laws, decriminalization efforts and legalization efforts. 

Cannabis Users Risk Schizophrenia Diagnosis?

This is a new one for me, something I'm having a hard time grasping but, a comprehensive report now suggests that cannabis use might increase the risk of a schizophrenia diagnosis? That just sounds ridiculous to me, but those conducting the study also said that a more in-depth study is needed to confirm 100-percent their results. 

Well, that's what's happened this week in the cannabis world. If you'd like to read any of these stores in full, please feel free to click the title as it is linked directly to the main source. Have a safe weekend, we'll get you caught up on the week's news again next Friday. 

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