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New Cannabis Growers: Best Strains for the Best Results

The best way for you to be successful when growing cannabis for the first time is to choose a strain that is easy to grow. You’re bound to make a mistake or two your first time around and these strains are easier to bring back from a mistake. These strains have multiple medicinal benefits as well.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel produces effects for extended periods of time and is ideal for daytime pain relief. When growing, keep an eye on its height because Sour Diesel is considered to be a “stretchy” type of plant. You’ll need to train it and prevent it from getting too tall. Consider using netting to force the plant to grow flatter and wider.

This strain grows faster when it is in a warmer grow climate. Colder grows slow its process. Wait to harvest this strain until all of the exterior trichomes are a milky white hue. This will also ensure that you get the highest THC percentages possible.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most well rounded cannabis strains available. It is a sativa strain that produces high amounts of resin. The trim of this strain is usable. When growing for yourself, it provides a good enough crop to suffice for a while.

Jack Herer is mold-resistant, so you won’t have that issue to worry about. It is an ideal strain for low-stress training. You should avoid cutting any main stems (splitting the plant) to ensure that you have a smooth growing process.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a great stealth strain. If you need to keep odor down and cannot create an ideal ventilation system, this is the ideal strain. It is also a quick-to-harvest strain and one that recovers from minor mistakes fast.

It is easy to overwater this strain, and you should also be aware of your lighting’s heat as the plant can burn rather easily.


Once flowers start forming on your Papaya cannabis plants, you’ll be able to harvest in just 8 weeks. It is one of the fastest growing cannabis strains. Seed to harvest is 90 days or less with this strain. Papaya is great for first time growers because it is a plant that recovers from mistakes very quickly. If you have given too many nutrients or too much water, it’s easy to correct.

When pain, insomnia and stress are your chief complaints, enjoying this strain after it cures will melt them away.

Wonder Woman

Indica growers may enjoy Wonder Woman. It is fun to watch grow because it is known for producing large, heavy buds. You can yield 12-ounces or more from a single plant if you give it just the right kind of attention. Wonder Woman is for nighttime use.

It is important to have a strong ventilation system in place when growing Wonder Woman. It has a potent smell. It will take about 90 days before you can harvest, but is worth the wait. Avoid using any type of growing boosters with this plant; you’re likely to end up with a much smaller yield and less potent cannabis.

Closing Thoughts

If you are a novice grower, try one of these strains first. You’re likely to have success with an easy-to-grow strain first. Cannabis plants, in general are finicky, but some recover quickly if you do make a mistake. These strains grow well even if your climate isn’t exactly right or if you have the nutrient mix off just a little. Once you have these issues fixed, your cannabis plant will grow better.

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