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Tips for Controlling your Cannabis Grow’s Temperature

Your grow room’s climate has to be pretty perfect to avoid major growing issues like heat burn, high humidity and mold. It can be tricky to regulate the temperature in your space. We’ll give you a few tips here to ensure that your cannabis plants have the best climate possible to flourish in.

Separate Thermostat

Although this might be a pain, your grow space should have its own thermostat. The only way to properly maintain a temperature between 68 degrees and 80 degrees is with a thermostat. A hot growing environment might kill your plants. If it is too cold, your plants will grow slowly and won’t yield as much.

Supplement Additions

You can help your plants become somewhat resistant to heat damage. If you use a supplement after your cannabis plant has experienced heat stress, it can still recover quickly if you correct the issue as soon as it’s recognized.

Tip: Purchase supplements and nutrients from only one company. These products are designed to work together.

Seaweed kelp extract is a great supplement to add to your plant’s nutrients. You can also add this supplement to your soil to enrich it as it does contain a trace amount of minerals and nutrients.

You can also consider a root health supplement if you notice that your plants are leaning over. It will help strengthen your root base and allow your plants to grow fuller. Root health supplements also help prevent root rot from high grow space temperatures.

CO2 in the Air

Extra CO2 is good for your cannabis plants. They’ll grow faster and will require stronger grow lights. If you use LED lighting, you won’t have to purchase a stronger option. An added bonus of increased CO2 in your grow is that you have the opportunity to yield up to 20-percent more usable cannabis flower.

Cannabis plants need CO2. It helps them make energy to grow. Grow spaces lacking CO2 cause your plants to suffocate. A simple remedy is using CFL or fluorescent light bulbs as these give off CO2 naturally.

The proper ratio of CO2 for your space is 1,500 parts per million.

Ducting and Venting

It is ideal for the ducts in your grow space to be short. The ducting should also be kept strait. A direct line to a window or vent should immediately put the hot air outside.

Use carbon fan filter systems to maintain proper airflow and help keep the space cool. It’s a dual benefit item because it also helps scrub the air of impurities.

Your vents should always be kept clean to prevent air from recycling back into the space. Check your ducts for holes and tears often as that can put the hot air back into the space as well. Regular dryer venting is sufficient.

Closing Tips

Whenever possible, purchase a humidity meter for your grow space. Humidity in combination with heat cause mold and can suffocate your plants. Check the temperature of your grow space several times a day. If you have issues maintaining a proper temperature, consider adding another fan to help move the air around and not allow it to become hot, stagnant air.

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